Saturday, November 19, 2011

Design and Technology In Max Payne 3

Rockstar has just crushed a short video which contains all the content in Max Payne. Starting from design, technology, game play until the system is disclosed.

As has been previously disclosed, in this series described Max Payne had entered old age, but that does not mean expertise mengembaknya reduced. In the video titled Max Payne 3 Design and Technology Series: Creating a Cutting Edge Action-Shooter, it looks like what the hero.

Although still adhered to the game system from a previous version, but Max Payne 3 has many improvements. The narrator in the video were also reveal some of them.

For example the ability of aiming and firing. Despite taking a third person perspective, but Max Payne 3 also requires players to shoot accurately. Inside Rockstar claims to incorporate elements of the game First Person Shooter (FPS) and shoot beautiful animation possible.

Then is told also about the movement and animation of each character. Here is explained every movement combined with a variety of animation to make it look natural. All that is packed with incredible graphics detail.

Distinctive feature of this game is still maintained, Bullet Time. In Max Payne 3 this feature is more refined, every bullet that comes out of slongsong crashing weapons in real time. On the plus again the player can freely move the camera when the bullets are launched.

Then the last thing on display in the video trailer is the ability of Artificial Intelligence (AI). According to observations Aspirerich, Saturday (11/19/2011), this game seemed to set the animation of each character is unique and different.

Enemy response will vary depending on the weapon, location, and the enemy positions while performing a penalty shot. Different animations were obtained on each group of enemies. Oh yes, there are several types of enemies in here, the military AI, and gangs of armed thugs.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

4 Sexiest Gamers Women

Games, not only crazy by men, but women also liked it. In fact, not uncommon among them succeed as a professional gamer. As these 4 women.

As quoted from zimbo, Wednesday (11/16/2011), 5 women below not only earned the nickname as the sexiest gamer, but also a successful career as a professional gamer perk.


Veronica Belmont
Women 26 years old from San Francisco had a chance to write an article about the game on Cnet site. Now due to his hobby of playing the game, as he believed Sony Qore on the PlayStation Network.

Olivia Munn
Outside of work as a model, broadcaster and television host, beautiful women who like mengoprek this computer also can not get out of the game. Especially car racing game.

Jessica Chobot
The name of this beautiful woman starts jumped after scene sexy PlayStation Portable with licking his. He is also fond of Anime, Manga and it is definitely a video game.

Morgan Webb
In addition to its main job as a cable television host, this sexy lady also doubles as a network administrator and gaming journalists. He also claimed never to be separated from the video game.


FBI arrestedhe World's Biggest Cybercrime Gang

FBI and security firm Trend Micro succeed in arresting gangs of cyber criminals who have been infected 4 million computers in 100 countries. Inevitably, this group is touted as the world's largest cybercrime gang.

In that ambush action, arrested six people from Estonia. This lot itself is known to have committed cyber crimes since 2007 with malware spreading type DNSChanger.

The operation itself is successful after investigation and search for two years and brought the password operation 'Ghost Click'.

The investigation revealed that the Estonian cyber crime group has been hurt not only individual, private, government, but also to institutions such as NASA, and several other big companies whose names do not want mentioned.

Trend Micro explains, malware that spread offender is directed to enter into their trap link, of course, with the purpose of getting money. Entirely controlled by 100 computer controllers that exist in Russia in the guise of a company called 'Rove Digital' and 'Esthost'.

The gang is also predicted to have earned around EUR 14 million of digital crime, as well as making it as the biggest botnet in history.

"Basic engineering attack is conducted every computer that is exposed to a number DNS will be changed in accordance with the wishes of the maker," said Trend Micro, in his statement on Thursday (11/16/2011).

"The FBI was investigating what is being done DNSChanger, in addition to moving the website address, they also offer fake antivirus, to fool with vulgar pop ups in order to earn money," he concluded.

New Battery Tech Can Extend of Mobile Life 10 Times

Batteries are a vital component in mobile devices, like cell phones. Any sophisticated hardware specs on a phone, will be useless if not didayai by a battery.
The more diversity of features or applications that can be offered by a mobile phone or gadget, of course, also needed a battery that has the power to live stronger and more durable. To get around this, many vendors phone or other gadgets that came with a battery-powered devices maximum.
Still associated with it, recently a group of engineers from Northwestern University reported to have designed a rechargeable lithium-new on that is claimed to increase the capacity of the battery up to 10 times. Interestingly in addition to having a larger capacity, the battery can also be charged with a faster time.
The researchers are combining the two approaches clams techniques to overcome two major limitations on the battery - the energy capacity and the average charge time, in one fell swoop. Besides better for mobile phones and iPods, this technology also could make it more efficient.
In principle, electrodes of modern lithium-ion batteries made of sheet graphen. Silicones are used for the same purpose may be superior to graphene, but because it has many limitations in terms of the charging process renders it practically useless.
Now, researchers finally developed the idea to develop a battery electrode consisting of silicon and graphene sheets to minimize the undesirable habits of silicone. The result, will dramatically increase energy density.
Meanwhile, the hole with a diameter between 10 and 20 nanometers are drilled through the graphene sheets, is expected to accelerate the charging time up to ten times.
Unfortunately, the battery with this new technology seems not to be out at least within three to five years into the future.
"This technology can be seen on the market within three to five years ahead," said the researchers were quoted as saying Aspirerich via Northwestern.

Update Nokia Maps 3.8 Comes to Symbian

The latest version of Nokia Maps, which seems v3.08.203 already available for all Symbian-based phones. This software update can be obtained through existing facilities on Symbian phones (update menu) or can also be via the Nokia Suite.

The latest maps software application offers weather forecasts to predict the weather, from hour to hour or five days into the future. Nokia Maps 3.8 also comes with support for live traffic info, user interface (UI) which is cleaner. Also, it provides an easy to read results of a search action, such as specific locations.

Not only that, as a new version of the bug that there must have been repaired. Performance was already inflated, to provide more optimal performance.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Samsung Releases Galaxy S II Pink Color

Galaxy S II include pride Samsung smartphone which reportedly has sold 10 million units worldwide. To remain intriguing, especially the womenfolk, Samsung also released the Galaxy S II in her pink or pink.

Previously, the new Galaxy II comes in black and white. Pink color variants also increase the choice for enthusiasts.

But like Aspirerich quotes from SammyHub, Sunday (11/13/2011), Galaxy S II new pink is available in their home country alone, South Korea. Not yet clear whether other regions will also be visited.

In addition to a pink color cast, the specifications of this handset just the same as the original. Call it the Super Amoled Plus display, dual-core or 8-megapixel camera.

Galaxy S II melesatkan name Android Samsung as the leading vendor. They now are the largest smartphone manufacturer if counted in the number of shipments globally, beating Apple in second place.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

2012, Wi-Fi Can Access on Aircraft in May

With increasing number of passenger aircraft cross-country flight, United Continental Holdings announced plans to open Wi-Fi access to more than 300 passengers United Airlines and Continental Airlines. Intention is planned to be running by mid 2012.

United Continental Holdings also announced it would cooperate with Panasonic Avionics Corporation to bring Wi-Fi is. Hopefully, by 2015 that will come, they have managed to provide satellite-based Wi-Fi in the entire fleet.

According to officials from related companies, Panasonic's technology-based Ku-band satellite allows higher speed of the connection-to-ground water used by Gogo Inflight Internet service provider. Similarly, as reported by Digitaltrends, Saturday (05/11/2011).

Panasonic system will be installed in the Boeing 747, 757, 767, 777, 787. A similar system is applied to the Airbus 319 and 320. With higher speeds, United and Continental plans to implement video streaming over wireless networks.

Surely passengers will receive a new inflight entertainment options. In addition, there is the possibility that a faster connection allows access to applications such as Netflix or Hulu Plus via tablets, smartphones, or laptop

Rumor: iPad 3 Start Produced, Released March 2012

The rumors about the latest genarasi iPad rolling. Latest news mentioning Apple has started to produce iPad 3, and most likely will dilauncing in March 2012.

This issue alone glide from one source at the factory hardware supplier of the latest genarasi iPad. But unfortunately, the source does not dare to divulge internal picture of the iPad 3's. So that was reported by Digitimes, Friday (11/04/2011).

Internal source that gives a little explanation that the iPad 3 will be thinner than iPad 2, and of course the battery life is much longer than previous tablet version.

Apple is reportedly speeding to produce new iPad before the Chinese New Year fell in January. This means shipping iPad 3 could be done at the end of the year 2011, before finally announced officially.

Being the big question is, this new iPad comes with a size like what? Because staying digadang iPad will be made ​​in the packaging size of 7 inches, with a much cheaper price. Apple saw market opportunities in developing countries, to ordain him as a ruler in the tablet market.

iPad 3 More Small And Powerful

CALIFORNIA - Rumors about the iPad 3 re-emerged. This time the latest generation of iPad is claimed to be using a screen measuring 9.7 inches which is equipped with a display Retina.

iPad 3 which is the latest generation of Apple's tablet indeed reap many rumors before they appear, starting from a lower price, smaller size and timing of its release.

Rumors preceded by DigiTimes report that stated the iPad 3 will enter mass production and soon launched in the near future, precisely in March 2012.

It seems Apple's latest tablet, will only upgrade some features like a battery that is lighter, but with the use of a longer durability. Similarly, as reported by T3, Sunday (06/11/2011).

Although iPad 2 is still dominating the global tablet market, but Apple is thinking to make better products.

iPad 3 will be the CPU uses the A6 and by 9.7-inch screen is equipped premises to support the retina display a much better picture.

From some of the rumors mentioned above, most likely the size of the iPad 3 will be smaller and thinner than the iPad 2 which uses a 10.1-inch screen. In addition, battery life iPad 3 also seems to be much longer.

Will this can affect the selling price of the cheaper iPad 3? Presumably iPad lovers must remain patient until an official announcement about the specifications of Apple appear and answer all these questions.

GTA V Four Times Bigger than GTA IV?

The first trailer for Grand Theft Auto Rockstar V has been raised. Various speculations arose about what the game will be like. Reportedly, the game that could be explored four times bigger than GTA IV.

The news was spread by an employee in the British magazine PlayStation Magazine. He claims to know the meeting between Rockstar with his magazine, which explains some details of GTA V.

It is said that the main town in Los Santos GTA V is that at least 4 times bigger than the Liberty City in GTA IV. The area is surrounded by countryside, beaches and other areas that appear very detailed.

"For example, we see the main character traveling by car from downtown Los Santos towards the wild and it took 15 minutes. Incredible scenery from the farmhouse, the installation of the oil refinery which seemed alive with a hundred workers, the cars, and so forth," he wrote , quoted from Cinema Blend, Saturday (11/05/2011).

"The woods look better and show people are camping, drinking and dancing in the fire, also the people riding a motorcycle jump over the water flow. Effects waters, plants, everything looks beautiful," he claims.

Previously, there was also speculation that the main character in GTA V will consist of 3 champ. One was the figure of a character who supposedly as Tommy Vercetti, the main character on the series of GTA III and Vice City.

Mark Zuckerberg Is Figure No. 9 In The World's Strongest

Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg became one of the strongest figure in the world. In the list of 'The World's Most Powerful People' version of the Forbes, Zuckerberg sits at number 9.

This annual ranking include big names in politics, celebrities, religious leaders, billionaires, and others. And this year, at the age of just turned 27, Zuckerberg has been coupled with other influential figures who had long been poor across their respective fields.

Yes, Zuckerberg became the youngest person on the list. He was also a 'jumping' the highest in the Forbes list. Quoted from ZDNet, Sunday (6/11/2011), he jumped from position 40 in the year 2010. Forbes estimates his net worth had reached USD 17.5 billion.

A number of factors measured by Forbes to get the names such as how many people who are under their authority, financial resources and how active they are using their authority. Of the names collected, U.S. President Barack Obama became juwara in the Forbes list.

Moderate actors other technology that fills the list of 'People in the World' in addition to Zuckerberg is the founder of Microsoft Bill Gates is sitting at number 5. Then there is the Google duo Sergey Brin and Larry Page (30), CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos (40), CEO of Baidu, Robin Li (42) and CEO of Apple, Tim Cook (58).

For Zuckerberg himself, Forbes said, "What the CIA failed to do in 60 years, Zuck has been done in 7 years. Understand what to think, read and listened to by 800 million people. What are they like, where they lived, traveled to shopping, "Forbes said in a statement.

Bank Transfer Day

Bank Transfer Day, Absorb Wall Street and also Bank Transfer Day are not formally affiliated, however the 2 actions haul potency and efficacy through similar sentiments: customers fed up with relying on  banking institutions which they reason make the most of them done loaning practices and costs. Though the push for that bank transfer motion started along with Kristen Christian, a 27-year-old Los Angeles-based entrepreneur, Occupy Wall Street protesters have become some of the most visible supporters of Bank Transfer Day, allowing them to thrust the actual conversation encircling Saturday's deadline. 

Some news reports have people being asked to switch to community banks or credit unions.
Here’s what a few banks have to say:

 • “We’re seeing an increase in account openings of 25 percent year-over-year. It’s incredible,” said Eve Callahan, senior vice president of corporate communications at Umpqua Bank. “We’ve seen a lot of traffic over the past few weeks. People are recognizing that a Wall Street bank is a very different entity than a Main Street bank. That’s something that people understand.”

 • “We understand that people are looking for more from their fianancial institutions,” said Lara Underhill, spokeswoman for Wells Fargo. “If a customer chooses to close an account, we will try to address any of their concerns. We understand that while we can’t control what people do to express their views, what we can do is to continue to provide jobs and services to our customers and our communities.”

 • Steve Maxwell, President of KeyBank’s South Puget Sound District, said, “As bank customers consider whether to move their accounts to a credit union or small community bank, we recommend that they consider how well all their financial needs will be met. KeyBank offers the best of both worlds – financial strength, a local community presence, and a broad range of products and services that smaller banks can’t offer, delivered locally. As for imposing new debit card fees, Key is going in a different direction.”

Andy Rooney passed away

Andy Rooney, whoever bristly brain had been farseeing A anchor associated with CBS News program and also in whose folksy comment along sixty Minutes, provided weekly by the late seventies till 2011, created him a family group name, passed away on Friday in Nyc.
He had been ninety-two as well as resided in Manhattan, though he kept a household holiday range in Rensselaerville, N.Y., and also the foremost home he always purchased, in Rowayton, Conn.

Cbs television studios News program stated inside a command which Mister. Rooney passed away later difficulty next small operation.

"Andy Rooney ever stated he desired to work out prior to the day he passed away, and that he was able to make out, keep the previous few weeks within the hospital," stated his "60 Minutes" fellow, correspondent Steve Kroft.

Andy Rooney won among his 4 Emmy Awards to get a piece along whether there is a true Mrs. Smith that created Mrs. Smith's Pies. Since it ended up, there is no more Mrs. Smith.

Andy Rooney joined tv right after The second world war, committal to writing material regarding entertainers like Arthur Godfrey, Victor Borge, Herb Shriner, Sam Levenson and Garry Moore. Starting in 1962, he'd a 6-yr connection while using Cbs television studios News correspondent Harry Reasoner, that narrated a series of Everyman “essays” written by Mr. Rooney.

Providers is going to be secret, and it is hoped-for CBS News will hold A world memorial later on, Brian Rooney said Saturday.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Anna Chapman The Russian spy

Anna Chapman, Beautiful and sexy, yes... she is Anna Chapman,  a Russian spy. she Born in Volgograd on February 23, 1982 under the name Anna Kuschenko. Anna completing his studies at the Russian University of Nations Friendship of economics faculty in 2003.  she moved to London. In London she married and changed her name to Anna Chapman.In London, he became director of his real-estate agency.

In February 2010, Anna Chapman moved to New York.In there she increasingly recognized and mingle with high class luminaries .she always present in great activities there.
As a spy, Anna was always in touch and send documents to the government's action was wafted Rusia.Namun and reportedly he was arrested in June last with the other spies.

In the western mass media coverage, Anna Chapman was mentioned as a spy in the most beautiful woman .. story. western mass media seem not making this up because if you see her face and her performance was beautiful and sexy.

Halloween festival in Disney Land

Halloween is one of the popular festival in many countries. Halloween Festival which is celebrated in late October every year is often used as a potential tourism by many countries.

Disney Land also celebrated it, a large playground with the famous Mickey Mouse character was too brisk Halloween. Not just change the theme park playground into horror theme, this year Disney tried an experiment other land than others.

As quoted from the BBC, Friday (28/10/2011), Parties to Disney Land asked David Bowman, a farmer from Lincolnshire to make a pumpkin with a Mickey Mouse head shape.

Bowman, which is the largest pumpkin producer in Europe was admitted challenged by this unusual request, this article is the first time he was asked to 'create' a pumpkin with a unique shape.

The shape of Mickey Mouse was created by using a special mold at the beginning of the growth cycle of a pumpkin. Penaman Starting from May, Bowman admitted had trouble due to bad summer climate.

But ultimately, this October has been flasks can be harvested, and a special Halloween decorations in the Garden of play Disney Land Paris.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Android Download Application Defeat iPhone

Android operating system went on to become the most popular software platforms in terms of downloading an application. He proved to subdue IOS, OS made ​​by Apple Inc..

Google's platform is annexed cake output by 44% of all downloaded applications in the second quarter of this. Apple itself is under Android to grab 31% market share, according to ABI Research, as quoted from Bloomberg, Tuesday (25/10/2011).

"The key to Android's success lies in its open source strategy," said Lim Shiyang, one of the researchers. With the 'openness' of this, Google enables any mobile phone makers to use it for free and focuses on designing hardware rather than software.

Increased shipments of Android devices also played a part. In the second quarter of 2011, shipments of the iPhone shows a decrease from 15% to 9%. On the other hand, Android shipments reached 36% in the second quarter, an increase from the first quarter that is 20%.

Support the vendors helped popularize Android. Samsung Electronics Co., for example, has now become one with the ultimate Android smartphone maker. Not only that, Android is also capable of assisting the recovery of Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc..

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

10 New Features in Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Google officially introduced the latest generation of Android named Ice Cream Sandwich and at least there are 10 new features that distinguish this operating system with an earlier version.

Here are some new features in Android Ice Cream quoted from TechCrunch, Wednesday (10/19/2011).

1. Android Ice Cream uses a new typeface named Roboto. With this paper are expected to look sharper and clearer.

2. All widgets in the Android Ice Cream can be adjusted in size. This is certainly very meaningful for users who often displays a lot of widgets in a single home screen.

3. In this operating system, all applications can be categorized in a folder. Just as in IOS.

4. Favorites Tray, users are now able to store all of the most frequently used applications, links, and folders into a special tray.

5. Screenshots, now users can access these functions simply by pressing and hold the power button simultaneously with the volume keys to capture images.

6. One satuh a fairly sophisticated features is Face Unlock. This function could serve to open the 'lock' safety just by looking at the phone.

7. The function of the browser on the Android version is also enhanced. Now users can not only be open 16 pages at a time, but also store it for later access them offline.

8. There are so many camera functions are enhanced, namely image stabilization, autofocus, panoramic, and some photo editing features.

9. Use of Internet data now also be monitored in the Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Users can now find out what applications are voracious consumption data.

10. System integration of the contact list is said to have improved. Users now can not only synchronize with a list in Google, Facebook, Twitter and others, but also specify the list of favorite contacts and place them in an easily accessible folder.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Spesification Revealed

Samsung Galaxy Nexus finally officially introduced. The Phones that already uses Android's Ice Cream not only has the latest operating system, but also the most current specifications. This phone is quite thin, with a thickness of only 8.94 mm.

As Quoted from GSMArena, Wednesday (10/19/2011), Samsung Galaxy Nexus uses a Cortex A9 processor 1.2 GHz dual-core with a TI OMAP 4460 chipset, 1 GB RAM, and storage capacity reaching 32 GB.

But the most special in this phone is the screen. Samsung Galaxy Nexus is already using a curved screen HD Super AMOLED 4.65 inches with a resolution of 1280 X 720 pixels. Level densities are also high at 315 pixels per inch, close to the iPhone 4 of 329.65 inches.

But unfortunately, for a camera phone is still carrying a 5 MP with 1080p resolution video recording capabilities, with additional image processing features. Galaxy Nexus also has a feature NFC (Near Field Comnunication). While sector-powered 2250 mAh battery.

As for connecting to the internet, Samsung Galaxy Nexus also supports internet connections through LTE (Long Term Evolution) or HSDPA +. The plan, this handset will be available on the market in November in the United States, Europe and Asia. The price has not been announced.

'Rumours of Apple iPhone 5 Make Shares Slump'

Apple disappointed with the results of Wall Street stock trading reports. For the first time in several years, this report does not match expectations. Rumors iPhone 5 is widely heard in recent months, Apple has been blamed as the cause.

Shares of Apple fell by seven percent in extended trading stocks on Tuesday, eroded about USD 27 billion from the value of the largest technology companies in the world. This is Apple's first quarterly profit under the leadership of Chief Executive Tim Cook, who was appointed to replace Steve Jobs last August.

"The investors began to speculate, this change occurred after the death of Jobs and will be many challenges ahead," said Channing Smith, Co-Manager of Capital Advisors Growth Fund, one of the shareholders at Apple.

Reported by Reuters and quoted by on Wednesday (10.19.2011), Apple sold 17.07 million units of iPhones in the fourth quarter of this fiscal year which ends September 24. Though many praised, but this rate is quite far from analysts previously estimated as many as 20 million. Analysts have predicted that so high considering the iPhone is Apple's flagship product which contributes about 40 percent of Apple's annual sales.

Apple's revenue rose 39 percent to $ 28.27 billion, however, take this a little lower than the average estimate of analysts who pegged in the range of USD 29.69 billion. Many have mentioned, this is the first time Apple does not meet the revenue estimates since the fourth quarter of fiscal 2008.

4S iPhone announcement was reported earlier Apple fail to please investors. This mengkibatkan shares down. Some time after the release of the iPhone 4S, stocks could falter, down about 20 points. This is because it turns out Apple did not announce the existence of an actual iPhone 5 most anticipated. But despite Apple's stock reportedly fell, his position is still fairly safe.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Jobs, A Drop Out Students Who Revolutionizing The World of Technology

Steve Jobs is a  fail student. He never finished his college. But despite experiencing difficult times when deciding to drop out, Jobs declared out of college was one of the best decisions.

In 1972, Jobs study in college at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. He decided to drop out after only six months of college. Jobs do not get along and do not want to waste money on old people for the cost of college.

"I naively chose a college that cost almost as expensive as Stanford, and all the parents' savings were spent on the costs. After 6 months, I can not see the benefits. I have no idea what I wanted to do with my life and how the university will help find it. I spent all parents saved money during their lifetimes, "Jobs said in a speech to a graduation ceremony at Stanford University in 2005.

"So I decided to drop out and trust everything will be fine. Quite scary time, but when looking back it was one of the best decisions I ever made," he said as quoted by the Washington Post, Thursday (6 / 10 / 2011).

Difficult times

Jobs recalled that after the drop outs are hard times. Jobs was forced vagrancy because they had no room. He slept on the floor of his boarding house. He sells bottles to get money to eat. But Jobs claimed to enjoy those times.

He also took a calligraphy class to hone his intuition in the early days of drop outs. Jobs claimed that lesson helped design the arrangement of typography on the Mac computer.

After DO, the journey of life winding Jobs. He once kicked out of Apple in 1984. But he returned successful with film studio Pixar making a respected name in the animation film industry. He returned to Apple in 1997, then made it so glorious.

Yes, even if a student dropped out and overwritten repeatedly difficulties, Jobs eventually a huge success. He revolutionized the world of technology with the presence of the iPod, iPhone and iPad course. These products sell well and forcing competitors to work hard against Apple's football exploits.

Here's his advice to the graduates of Stanford at the end of his speech are:

"Your time is limited, do not waste it to live a life like everyone else. Do not get stuck on dogma, which is the result of other people's thinking. Do not let others' opinions drown out your inside. Most importantly, the courage to follow your heart and intuition that somehow already know how you really want to be right, "

Apple Founder, Steve Jobs, Pass away...!!!

Steve Jobs has died at age 56 years due to health problems. Although Apple does not mention clearly the cause of death, Jobs reportedly losing 'war' against pancreatic cancer.

"he fought and continue to do the things that he wants his to live with this disease. The fact that a person with resources such as he can not fight this disease is a strong statement," said Julie Flashman, President and CEO of Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.

Yes, although wealthy, Jobs could not last. It's somewhat of pancreatic cancer malignant disease, where 75% of his patients died less than a year after diagnosis. While 94% will die within 5 years.

According to Julie, pancreatic cancer can raged since no method of early detection for this disease. Cancer is usually diagnosed after a state of sufferers is severe enough.

As quoted from myhealthnewsdaily, Thursday (06/11/2011), pancreatic cancer symptoms often do not appear until the disease reaches advanced stages. Symptoms include weight loss and loss of appetite.

Only 8% of cases of pancreatic cancer diagnosed before it spreads. The method of chemotherapy was often less effective in killing pancreatic cancer cells, so patients had few options.

Steve Jobs had in mind a few times in surgery. But alas, he was powerless against the deadly disease. Good-bye, the legend ...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Malware on Mac OS X

Recently discovered a new type of Trojan that attacks Mac OS X platform One of them is interesting, threat targeting the Macintosh computer and appears as a Mandarin-language PDF files.

In addition, there are also malware to infiltrate through the Adobe Flash installer false. If the Trojan is detected as a form of a PDF file OSX / Revir.A and OSX / Imuler.A, this Trojan identified as OSX / Flashback.

To reduce the risk of threat, however, here are some recommended ways to researchers at the Lab ESET Malware Intelligence.

1. Never open attachments or e-mail attachment that you do not want to accept it, unless it has been no confirmation first. Make sure that you only receive emails with attachments that have been confirmed by the sender. This might be a bit complicated, but think about the implications for your security.

2. When downloading files online, do not believe it to sites that have no reputation. Moreover, no authority as an outlet to distribute content.

3. Run the antivirus program / ​​antivirus software to the Internet on all devices that can be connected to the Internet. For example ESET Cybersecurity for Mac that successfully detected the Trojan and identify it as OSX / Revir.A and OSX / Imuler.A.

4. In the case of OSX malware / malware Flashback.A although it's not a big threat, but to the users need to be reminded again to carry out preventive measures. Namely download Adobe Flash and Acrobat software only from the site, turn off the Safari settings so as not to open a new file is downloaded automatically and the latter, run an antivirus program or antivirus software for the internet in realtime and always updated.

Apple releases iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S?

Apple preparing to release a new iPhone, a gadget that rocked the world of smartphones return predicted. In the invitation to the media, the new iPhone will be revealed October 4 when the United States. Speculation is growing states, not necessarily the new iPhone is called the iPhone 5.

Yes, the name for the new iPhone is tipped on two names, iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S. Or maybe Apple will launch even both.

Rumors are growing about the iPhone 4S mention this gadget physical form not much different with the iPhone 4. However, there are upgrades like dual core processors so. iPhone 4S is said to be sold cheaply to compete with Android handsets lunge low end.

While the iPhone 5 is said to display a larger screen that is 4 inches and more fresh designs. Sector-resolution 8-megapixel camera, dual-core processor A 5, OS IOS 5 and support the 4G network.

Whatever it is called later, it can be ascertained the latest iPhone release received wide attention. Even not-yet, there have been predictions of this brand-new iPhone iPhone 4 broke sales records which sold 1.7 million units on the first day of marketing.

However, Apple still must be vigilant with our vendors, especially Android HTC and Samsung. Apple should make sure phone product can beat these two vendors.

"Competition was fierce this year. HTC and Samsung both have handsets that do have high technology," said Will Findlater, the editor of Stuff Magazine who launched dailymail and quoted by on Tuesday (04/10/2011).

Monday, October 3, 2011

'Dolphin Tale' to Top of Box Office

After last week's third-ranked North American box office, family movie 'Dolphin Tale' climbed to the top. Film director Charles Martin Smith's been able to shift the 'The Lion King' 3D.

'Dolphin Tale' earned revenues of U.S. $ 14.2 million or approximately USD 126, 6 billion in the second week of screenings. Film production costs of U.S. $ 37 million has now achieved total revenues of $ 37.5 million.

The film is inspired by the true story of a dolphin named Winter who rescued off the coast of Florida, and cared for by the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. 'Dolphin Tale' starring Harry Connick Jr.., Ashley Judd, and veteran actor Morgan Freeman.

Ranked second this week's box office is occupied by a film drama starring Brad Pitt 'Moneyball' with revenues of U.S. $ 12.5 million. After topping the box office for two consecutive weeks, 'The Lion King 3D' finally dropped two rankings with revenues of U.S. $ 11.1 million.

Meanwhile, the drama of friendship '50 / 50 'debuted with unsatisfactory results. Film by director Jonathan Levine was only fourth place with box office revenues of U.S. $ 8.9 million.

Here is a list of the top ten North American box office last week:

1. "Dolphin Tale" - U.S. $ 14.2 million
2. "Moneyball" - U.S. $ 12.5 million
3. "The Lion King" - U.S. $ 11.1 million
4. "50/50" - U.S. $ 8.9 million
5. "Courageous" - U.S. $ 8.8 million
6. "Dream House" - U.S. $ 8.2 million
7. "Abduction" - U.S. $ 5.6 million
8. "What's Your Number?" - U.S. $ 5.6 million
9. "Contagion" - U.S. $ 5 million
10. "Killer Elite" - U.S. $ 4.8 million