Thursday, October 6, 2011

Apple Founder, Steve Jobs, Pass away...!!!

Steve Jobs has died at age 56 years due to health problems. Although Apple does not mention clearly the cause of death, Jobs reportedly losing 'war' against pancreatic cancer.

"he fought and continue to do the things that he wants his to live with this disease. The fact that a person with resources such as he can not fight this disease is a strong statement," said Julie Flashman, President and CEO of Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.

Yes, although wealthy, Jobs could not last. It's somewhat of pancreatic cancer malignant disease, where 75% of his patients died less than a year after diagnosis. While 94% will die within 5 years.

According to Julie, pancreatic cancer can raged since no method of early detection for this disease. Cancer is usually diagnosed after a state of sufferers is severe enough.

As quoted from myhealthnewsdaily, Thursday (06/11/2011), pancreatic cancer symptoms often do not appear until the disease reaches advanced stages. Symptoms include weight loss and loss of appetite.

Only 8% of cases of pancreatic cancer diagnosed before it spreads. The method of chemotherapy was often less effective in killing pancreatic cancer cells, so patients had few options.

Steve Jobs had in mind a few times in surgery. But alas, he was powerless against the deadly disease. Good-bye, the legend ...