Thursday, October 6, 2011

Jobs, A Drop Out Students Who Revolutionizing The World of Technology

Steve Jobs is a  fail student. He never finished his college. But despite experiencing difficult times when deciding to drop out, Jobs declared out of college was one of the best decisions.

In 1972, Jobs study in college at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. He decided to drop out after only six months of college. Jobs do not get along and do not want to waste money on old people for the cost of college.

"I naively chose a college that cost almost as expensive as Stanford, and all the parents' savings were spent on the costs. After 6 months, I can not see the benefits. I have no idea what I wanted to do with my life and how the university will help find it. I spent all parents saved money during their lifetimes, "Jobs said in a speech to a graduation ceremony at Stanford University in 2005.

"So I decided to drop out and trust everything will be fine. Quite scary time, but when looking back it was one of the best decisions I ever made," he said as quoted by the Washington Post, Thursday (6 / 10 / 2011).

Difficult times

Jobs recalled that after the drop outs are hard times. Jobs was forced vagrancy because they had no room. He slept on the floor of his boarding house. He sells bottles to get money to eat. But Jobs claimed to enjoy those times.

He also took a calligraphy class to hone his intuition in the early days of drop outs. Jobs claimed that lesson helped design the arrangement of typography on the Mac computer.

After DO, the journey of life winding Jobs. He once kicked out of Apple in 1984. But he returned successful with film studio Pixar making a respected name in the animation film industry. He returned to Apple in 1997, then made it so glorious.

Yes, even if a student dropped out and overwritten repeatedly difficulties, Jobs eventually a huge success. He revolutionized the world of technology with the presence of the iPod, iPhone and iPad course. These products sell well and forcing competitors to work hard against Apple's football exploits.

Here's his advice to the graduates of Stanford at the end of his speech are:

"Your time is limited, do not waste it to live a life like everyone else. Do not get stuck on dogma, which is the result of other people's thinking. Do not let others' opinions drown out your inside. Most importantly, the courage to follow your heart and intuition that somehow already know how you really want to be right, "