Saturday, September 24, 2011

executed of Troy Davis after appeals fail

He died on the way, who has spent the last years strongly protest 22years his innocence. Troy Davis, a prisoner to death in the Centre of one of the most controversial cases in American legal history, lost a long legal battle shortly after 11 p.m.

killer sentenced to 42 years and lethal shot after half an hour, depending on the sedan, the President of the Constitutional Court rejected the request for a stay of execution. Fifteen minutes later at 8: 23 [4.08 BST], was declared dead.

Solutions to some of his final words to the family of his alleged victims, the duty police officer Mark MacPhail Davis insisted that 1989, murder is not his fault. "" I am not responsible for what happened that night, "said" I didn't have a gun. I'm not the one who killed the father, son, brother. "

Then he turned the prison officials. "For those who are about my life, God can. .. have mercy on your soul "God bless your soul. «

This is cool at the end of the topic of international anger, Amnesty International, the Catholic Church "progress of people of color." The National Union and the European Union has raised a wide range of organizations, such as it was for the prisoner. Million people donated a signed petition Davis calls.

A crowd of 700 that Georgia Government supporters gathered near the city of Jackson Laboratory Diagnostics was founded. They welcomed his death confirmed cries holding hands, praying in near silence.

Lawyers, Davis spent yesterday trying to frantically calling procedures. Georgia Superior Court and the Supreme Georgia court refused to issue a penalty, which was planned and then cancelled four times over the years.

This time the United States Supreme Court may intervene seemed like two years ago. In the final minutes Georgia to see belief statement The highest court in the land of time delay on his four-hour operation, although it is considering a request, but most refused without matching to.

Before the prison refused to let the lie-detector test to Davis, which may be supported by evidence that he is running for a long time. His lawyer Stephen Marsh, which is a door, he told Reporters: "we came here to Mr Davis and unfortunately we are prohibited by this option and try."

A short time later was assessed, that man priest, Rev. Raphael Warnock, prevented to him in the last hours visit. No explanation given was, "We wanted to visit a pastoral, offer comfort and last rights, if you want, make", said. "It is a further insult to this injustice."

Davis rejected the option of choosing a special last meal. Therefore, the prison was introduced for the standard dinner: grilled, boiled beans of Valens oven, coleslaw, vyrudlĂ˝ potatoes, biscuits and grape beverages.

The request came 20 years later, Davis was convicted of murder, police officer Mark Macphail 27letĂ˝, who were shot and injured after intervening in a fight outside a shop. The case was the Court since, as the growing doubts were votes on beliefs.

There is no physical evidence or samples of blood or DNA bound Davis crimes. Not finding the weapons of murder. Instead of relying on witness statements from convicted nine men, seven of them due to his evidence, said that they were transferred from the police.

Members of the jury, since they have come forward to say they have reached the wrong judgment. In the meantime, another witness claimed that another man, Sylvester Coles confessed to the killing, the private sector.

It is known that the ownership of firearms similar to those used to fire McGill Coles, but disappeared shortly after the murder of. He was on the scene and is one of the two remaining lawsuits witnesses who were determined with the echo of his testimony.

Despite the lack confidence because they can't try to prove that it failed to overturn lawyers Davis is innocent. I suspect that a Jury trial evidence of the death sentence was commuted to display the source of course alone is not enough.

The case is Davis supporters as a textbook example of incorrect death penalty system in the United States. He has political heat, especially in light of the fact that a black man from the deep South, where hail a disproportionate number of offenders executed ethnic minorities.

Proponents say Davis all too tergesa was arrested and charged by white police officers who suspected that he killed one of its own and the conclusions of his mistake. Although clearly the flimsiness of the evidence to convict him, the Court immediately decided that he should have the death penalty.

Last night, his lawyers described Davis as "the great dictator" Lynching is described in the "racist bigoted" legal execution. They told journalists: "the State of Georgia, 48.4% of the areas in respect of the death row this morning were black men and not more than 15% of the population in Georgia."

With this in mind, thousands of demonstrators, many of whom are in the race, what links the hotel lobby on the day on which he spent in Atlanta, Georgia, in the mood, observers who said he grew increasingly angry with half the time. One of the streets currently deployed riot police took, for planes and helicopters in the air. But no violence.

Research shows that 57 percent of Americans think Davis is innocent and have no idea of school that carries his inflection point, implies public attitudes to the death penalty.

United States currently operates more than any country in the world except China. Iran, North Korea and Yemen and, even more than 60 percent of the population still supported punished should decrease has been slow since the early 1990s.

DNA technology has allowed the emergence in recent years, and Cameron Todd Willingham calls some prisoners may be innocent people who are executed are what more revelation common belief system.

Davis came the final notification of fans, a member of the Georgia NAACP Edward Dubose, who told them during the night. "Troy wanted to know-you told me to keep the faith. The fight is bigger than it. .. The death penalty in this country, therefore, must be closed. They call performance; We can call it murder. "