Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Goodbye Windows XP...

For those of you who are still using OS windows XP then get ready to move to windows 7 or possibly other OSes, why is that? Because there is no more support/updates from microsoft  for XP in next 1000 days or sometime in April 2014. That was submitted by the Community Manager for Microsoft Windows in the Windows blog, Stephan Rose.

Microsoft decided to further encourage users to use windows 7 windows, especially windows 8 also rumored to be released later in 2012, although Windows XP is one of Microsoft's most successful product ever.

Apart from Microsoft that will stop the security update also the application developers for OS XP ​​also stop its expansion, so Windows XP will be the same situation with the previous windows like windows ME and Windows 2000.

According to data reported by Net aplications that Windows XP still many users who use it, around 51%, for the enterprise around 60%. But in any case prefer to stop the microsoft updates and further encourage users to Windows 7, which reportedly sold 400 million licenses worldwide who achieved since the initial launch in October 2009

Monday, July 11, 2011

Wow...Twitter Value estimated USD 7 billion

As the information that I got from Mashable on 07/06/2011, twitter is worth an estimated USD 7 billion, meaning increas doubled in 7 months according to a recent report from The Wall Street Journal.

At present even this Twitter continues to generate profits, last December twitter value of USD 3.7 billion with an investment of USD200 million from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

The Wall Street Journal said the reason that makes the value of Twitter is that Twitter has become a growing social media with revenue figures that continue bertambah.Emarkerter also predict that Twitter will increase the number of its ad revenue more than tripled, to $ 150 million in 2011.

Apple Fined USD 8 million for violation of patent in iPod

The company founded by Steve Jobs "Apple" had to pay fines for violating patents on technology one of its products "iPod". amount to be paid is USD 8 million, a large amount isn't it? but for Apple it is still small, from iPod sales last year they got a profit of USD 8.3 billion

Actually, the patent holder is the company Personal Audio requested compensation of $ 84 million, but Apple managed to push that amount through legal battles.
Apple feel that they was never used that technology patent rights but the court decided otherwise.

Sunday, July 10, 2011 Domain got banned by Google

google had banned domain some time ago and now the victim is, not only that, its subdomains also the impact, if you do not believe it please check it up.

what does this mean that google do that, I do not know, when we check on google search engine domain is already removed all, it looks like google is cleaning the house hehe, who the next victim? we just wait ...