Saturday, November 19, 2011

Design and Technology In Max Payne 3

Rockstar has just crushed a short video which contains all the content in Max Payne. Starting from design, technology, game play until the system is disclosed.

As has been previously disclosed, in this series described Max Payne had entered old age, but that does not mean expertise mengembaknya reduced. In the video titled Max Payne 3 Design and Technology Series: Creating a Cutting Edge Action-Shooter, it looks like what the hero.

Although still adhered to the game system from a previous version, but Max Payne 3 has many improvements. The narrator in the video were also reveal some of them.

For example the ability of aiming and firing. Despite taking a third person perspective, but Max Payne 3 also requires players to shoot accurately. Inside Rockstar claims to incorporate elements of the game First Person Shooter (FPS) and shoot beautiful animation possible.

Then is told also about the movement and animation of each character. Here is explained every movement combined with a variety of animation to make it look natural. All that is packed with incredible graphics detail.

Distinctive feature of this game is still maintained, Bullet Time. In Max Payne 3 this feature is more refined, every bullet that comes out of slongsong crashing weapons in real time. On the plus again the player can freely move the camera when the bullets are launched.

Then the last thing on display in the video trailer is the ability of Artificial Intelligence (AI). According to observations Aspirerich, Saturday (11/19/2011), this game seemed to set the animation of each character is unique and different.

Enemy response will vary depending on the weapon, location, and the enemy positions while performing a penalty shot. Different animations were obtained on each group of enemies. Oh yes, there are several types of enemies in here, the military AI, and gangs of armed thugs.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

4 Sexiest Gamers Women

Games, not only crazy by men, but women also liked it. In fact, not uncommon among them succeed as a professional gamer. As these 4 women.

As quoted from zimbo, Wednesday (11/16/2011), 5 women below not only earned the nickname as the sexiest gamer, but also a successful career as a professional gamer perk.


Veronica Belmont
Women 26 years old from San Francisco had a chance to write an article about the game on Cnet site. Now due to his hobby of playing the game, as he believed Sony Qore on the PlayStation Network.

Olivia Munn
Outside of work as a model, broadcaster and television host, beautiful women who like mengoprek this computer also can not get out of the game. Especially car racing game.

Jessica Chobot
The name of this beautiful woman starts jumped after scene sexy PlayStation Portable with licking his. He is also fond of Anime, Manga and it is definitely a video game.

Morgan Webb
In addition to its main job as a cable television host, this sexy lady also doubles as a network administrator and gaming journalists. He also claimed never to be separated from the video game.


FBI arrestedhe World's Biggest Cybercrime Gang

FBI and security firm Trend Micro succeed in arresting gangs of cyber criminals who have been infected 4 million computers in 100 countries. Inevitably, this group is touted as the world's largest cybercrime gang.

In that ambush action, arrested six people from Estonia. This lot itself is known to have committed cyber crimes since 2007 with malware spreading type DNSChanger.

The operation itself is successful after investigation and search for two years and brought the password operation 'Ghost Click'.

The investigation revealed that the Estonian cyber crime group has been hurt not only individual, private, government, but also to institutions such as NASA, and several other big companies whose names do not want mentioned.

Trend Micro explains, malware that spread offender is directed to enter into their trap link, of course, with the purpose of getting money. Entirely controlled by 100 computer controllers that exist in Russia in the guise of a company called 'Rove Digital' and 'Esthost'.

The gang is also predicted to have earned around EUR 14 million of digital crime, as well as making it as the biggest botnet in history.

"Basic engineering attack is conducted every computer that is exposed to a number DNS will be changed in accordance with the wishes of the maker," said Trend Micro, in his statement on Thursday (11/16/2011).

"The FBI was investigating what is being done DNSChanger, in addition to moving the website address, they also offer fake antivirus, to fool with vulgar pop ups in order to earn money," he concluded.

New Battery Tech Can Extend of Mobile Life 10 Times

Batteries are a vital component in mobile devices, like cell phones. Any sophisticated hardware specs on a phone, will be useless if not didayai by a battery.
The more diversity of features or applications that can be offered by a mobile phone or gadget, of course, also needed a battery that has the power to live stronger and more durable. To get around this, many vendors phone or other gadgets that came with a battery-powered devices maximum.
Still associated with it, recently a group of engineers from Northwestern University reported to have designed a rechargeable lithium-new on that is claimed to increase the capacity of the battery up to 10 times. Interestingly in addition to having a larger capacity, the battery can also be charged with a faster time.
The researchers are combining the two approaches clams techniques to overcome two major limitations on the battery - the energy capacity and the average charge time, in one fell swoop. Besides better for mobile phones and iPods, this technology also could make it more efficient.
In principle, electrodes of modern lithium-ion batteries made of sheet graphen. Silicones are used for the same purpose may be superior to graphene, but because it has many limitations in terms of the charging process renders it practically useless.
Now, researchers finally developed the idea to develop a battery electrode consisting of silicon and graphene sheets to minimize the undesirable habits of silicone. The result, will dramatically increase energy density.
Meanwhile, the hole with a diameter between 10 and 20 nanometers are drilled through the graphene sheets, is expected to accelerate the charging time up to ten times.
Unfortunately, the battery with this new technology seems not to be out at least within three to five years into the future.
"This technology can be seen on the market within three to five years ahead," said the researchers were quoted as saying Aspirerich via Northwestern.

Update Nokia Maps 3.8 Comes to Symbian

The latest version of Nokia Maps, which seems v3.08.203 already available for all Symbian-based phones. This software update can be obtained through existing facilities on Symbian phones (update menu) or can also be via the Nokia Suite.

The latest maps software application offers weather forecasts to predict the weather, from hour to hour or five days into the future. Nokia Maps 3.8 also comes with support for live traffic info, user interface (UI) which is cleaner. Also, it provides an easy to read results of a search action, such as specific locations.

Not only that, as a new version of the bug that there must have been repaired. Performance was already inflated, to provide more optimal performance.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Samsung Releases Galaxy S II Pink Color

Galaxy S II include pride Samsung smartphone which reportedly has sold 10 million units worldwide. To remain intriguing, especially the womenfolk, Samsung also released the Galaxy S II in her pink or pink.

Previously, the new Galaxy II comes in black and white. Pink color variants also increase the choice for enthusiasts.

But like Aspirerich quotes from SammyHub, Sunday (11/13/2011), Galaxy S II new pink is available in their home country alone, South Korea. Not yet clear whether other regions will also be visited.

In addition to a pink color cast, the specifications of this handset just the same as the original. Call it the Super Amoled Plus display, dual-core or 8-megapixel camera.

Galaxy S II melesatkan name Android Samsung as the leading vendor. They now are the largest smartphone manufacturer if counted in the number of shipments globally, beating Apple in second place.