Sunday, November 13, 2011

Samsung Releases Galaxy S II Pink Color

Galaxy S II include pride Samsung smartphone which reportedly has sold 10 million units worldwide. To remain intriguing, especially the womenfolk, Samsung also released the Galaxy S II in her pink or pink.

Previously, the new Galaxy II comes in black and white. Pink color variants also increase the choice for enthusiasts.

But like Aspirerich quotes from SammyHub, Sunday (11/13/2011), Galaxy S II new pink is available in their home country alone, South Korea. Not yet clear whether other regions will also be visited.

In addition to a pink color cast, the specifications of this handset just the same as the original. Call it the Super Amoled Plus display, dual-core or 8-megapixel camera.

Galaxy S II melesatkan name Android Samsung as the leading vendor. They now are the largest smartphone manufacturer if counted in the number of shipments globally, beating Apple in second place.