Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Battery Tech Can Extend of Mobile Life 10 Times

Batteries are a vital component in mobile devices, like cell phones. Any sophisticated hardware specs on a phone, will be useless if not didayai by a battery.
The more diversity of features or applications that can be offered by a mobile phone or gadget, of course, also needed a battery that has the power to live stronger and more durable. To get around this, many vendors phone or other gadgets that came with a battery-powered devices maximum.
Still associated with it, recently a group of engineers from Northwestern University reported to have designed a rechargeable lithium-new on that is claimed to increase the capacity of the battery up to 10 times. Interestingly in addition to having a larger capacity, the battery can also be charged with a faster time.
The researchers are combining the two approaches clams techniques to overcome two major limitations on the battery - the energy capacity and the average charge time, in one fell swoop. Besides better for mobile phones and iPods, this technology also could make it more efficient.
In principle, electrodes of modern lithium-ion batteries made of sheet graphen. Silicones are used for the same purpose may be superior to graphene, but because it has many limitations in terms of the charging process renders it practically useless.
Now, researchers finally developed the idea to develop a battery electrode consisting of silicon and graphene sheets to minimize the undesirable habits of silicone. The result, will dramatically increase energy density.
Meanwhile, the hole with a diameter between 10 and 20 nanometers are drilled through the graphene sheets, is expected to accelerate the charging time up to ten times.
Unfortunately, the battery with this new technology seems not to be out at least within three to five years into the future.
"This technology can be seen on the market within three to five years ahead," said the researchers were quoted as saying Aspirerich via Northwestern.