Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tank Hero 3D for Android

For fans of shooting games, you seem to have to try this one game, Tank Hero. Permaian who attended the android platform, seems to have started also mushroomed. Recorded at more than 50ribu downloaders and got 4.5 stars.

Hero Tank display tank with a variety of colors, namely the Green Tanks, Tank Blue, Yellow Tank, Red Tank, and maybe there will be other colors.
within a few hours to play and the signs of addiction already present when you start the game.

Green Tank is a tank that we control, can fire a bullet horizontally, vertically, diagonally or reflected. For other colors, is owned by enemy tanks. Blue Tank has a similar ability as such Tank that you control. For Yellow Tank, have shot a bigger and can move faster. And at levels above 10, you will find Red Tank, who can shoot the rebound, so you see his shot like a glimpse through the wall of defense. Red Tank movement is much faster than other color tanks.

Opponents became increasingly rapid movement and function of the touch screen becomes quite complicated, due to a touch-drag function to produce tanks moved forward, but if you do tap will shoot bullets. With this control to a certain level will be lost quickly with your opponent tank movements. Finally, after changing the control to Dual Pad, so that at the lower left side will show the cursor to control the tank, and at the upper right side will appear to control the direction mengedalikan shots, and tap functions remain to shoot.

Curious to destroy tanks, this 3D shape? Immediate download on Android Market with files of about 6.5 MB and prepare yourself with an interesting musical accompaniment at the beginning and during the game.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rare Animals That Still On consumption

Endangered animals often end up as food for humans for reasons such as cultural convention, traditional medicine, economic necessity, or pure arrogance.

1. Chinese Giant Salamander

These amphibious animals including endangered animals, but they are still commonly found on dinner plates. Chinese Giant Salamander, which is the largest amphibian in the world, it is one of delicacy in China and became the target of poaching.

2. simpanse/Gorillas

gorilla meat
Consumption of meat that comes from the great apes such as chimpanzees and mountain gorillas, is a cultural tradition in parts of Africa and is not seen as a problem. This species also suffered population decline due to deforestation and habitat loss.

3. Chinook Salmon

Chinook salmon, are found only in the Columbia River, the population continued to decline for years due to river damming, pollution and excessive fishing.

4. Bluefin Tuna

Bluefin tuna is a favorite fish for sushi in Japan, and although its status is very rare, are still commercially harvested and sold.

5. Deer caribou

Karibou deer in North America the population is dwindling.

6. Fin Whale

Japanese whaling in the claim for a study, but it is not. Hundreds of the fin whale is the canned ending.

7. African Forest Elephant

Elephant ivory is usually taken, but also the African forest elephants hunted for their meat. Weighing more than 5,000 pounds.

8. Green Turtle

Green turtles are hunted for, their skin and meat, too fat. Eggs and meat could be lezat.Kura food and turtles are still hunted in Indonesia and other countries in South Asia.

9. Fresh water dolphins

Freshwater dolphins - which are found in the Ganges, Indus and Amazon rivers - has a low natural population, the impact of pollution and poaching.

10. Gaurs

Gaur / Seladang, still wild relatives for cattle, is a threatened species found in South Asia.
Collection of wild still hunted for their meat.

11. Sharks

Sharks are hunted from the river Ganges taken its oil-rich nutrition. Dozens of other species in the entire world is threatened from the practice of taking shark fin, in which fishermen cut the fins of sharks alive before throwing the animal back into the water. The fins are dried and used to make soup in Asian restaurants.

World's Longest Swimming Pool

San Alfonso del Mar is a famous resort located in Algarrobo, on Chile's southern coast, 100 km west of Santiago. It is a swimming pool with a length of 1,000 meters and the area 19 hectares, which holds the Guinness world record as the largest in the world. Swimming The resort is using technology developed by the Chilean company Crystal Lagoons, using water pumped from the Pacific Ocean, then filtered and treated for water supply to the pool.

This pond has a depth of 35 meters (115 feet) which is also the world's deepest swimming pool. Pool water temperature is positioned so that at temperatures 26 degrees Celsius, 9 degrees warmer than the sea water in Chile for the convenience of visitors.

Need funding of about U.S. $ 3,500,000 and a period of 5 years to build. This pond has attracted tourists since it opened in December 2006.

ANCIENT ROMAN MONEY Illustrated porn

Who would have thought coins of ancient times used for the sale and purchase of the imperial era, and it contain UNIQUE WEIRD that smells porn.

ok lets check this out:

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Super-Cool Gadgets in 2011

1. PC Tablet | BlackBerry® PlayBook:

here we go! This Tablet PC blackberries are rumors going on out in February! heavy compete with Apple iPad! | see more features:

2. PC Tablet | Apple's iPad 2

This is it! Apple's iPad 2! i heard it will release together with BlackBerry Playbook... Rock On! it will vie tight'.

3. iPhone 5 PRO

this one made by Apple as well, yeah...!!! it's iPhone 5!, This gadget is still continues to be high-class ..., please read more:

4.  Sony Erricson PSP Phone

this one is for the gamers addict ! but not just for gamers only ... but for you who like sms's or phonecall with handpone also very suitable, or may have to have this gadget! Sony Playstation, Sony Playstation Portable and Sony Ericsson collaborate for making this super gadget! just imagine, with this gatget can play games, can sms / call, can be photographs, can hear a song, essentially advanced, please readmore :

5. Chrome OS Laptop

last! Chrome OS Laptop. Cr-48-First is the first laptop released by Google that uses OS Chrome. I certainly do not know its features Chrome the OS of this laptop ... but clearly it's going to boom in the laptop.

Guitar Pro 6.0.1 PORTABLE

This is the portable edition * of guitar pro, no need to install direct step on and play guitar

 No need crack or serial number

download 1


download 2 

Toshiba Satellite A665 / A665 (3D)

Through a new dimension in entertainment with Satellite A665 series Satellite A665D offers performance and choice of Intel ® Core i7 latest Quad Core processor.

Notebook Satellite A665 and A665 (3D) also offers amazing graphics performance, with support for NVIDIA ® GeForce ® GT 525M graphics processor with 1GB of VRAM including Optimus NVIDIA technology.

Also equipped with super-fast graphics processor NVIDIA ® GeForce ® GT 540M with 1GB of dedicated VRAM, make this notebook capable of pushing the performance of the system with the ability to speed horse when accessing even the toughest applications.

Premier Metallic Black Comes with exclusive style, mobile entertainment superstar comes with HD Clear SuperView screen size of 14 "that pampers you while watching a DVD, home video, enjoy the game and others.

Specifications Toshiba Satellite A665 & A665 (3D):

Satellite A665

     * 2nd generation Intel ® Core i7 Quad Core
     * NVIDIA ® GeForce ® GT 540M with 1GB of dedicated VRAM
     * Harman Kardon ® stereo speakers, Line-In with Sleep-and-Music function, Dolby ® Advanced Audio
     * 16.0 "Clear SuperView HD display with LED backlighting
     * 2.5 "HDD up to 640GB (with 3D HDD sensor impact
     * Slot-loading DVD SuperMulti Drive
     * Bluetooth 3.0, WLAN (802.11 b / g / n), Gigabit Ethernet LAN
     * 1x USB 3.0 with Sleep-and-Charge, 2x USB 2.0, Multi-Card Reader, HDMI
     * 3D Blu-Ray Disc Player
     * Resolution + DVD Upconvert Technology

Satellite A665 3D

     * 15.6 "3D-ready HD 120Hz Clear SuperView display with LED backlighting
     * NVIDIA ® 3D Vision Technology
     * Blu-Ray Disc Rewritable Drive