Tuesday, February 22, 2011

iPhone 4 Gadget of the Year 2011

iPhone 4 set as the best phone in the event the World Mobile Congress held in Barcelona, Spain February 14 to 17. Apple product was successfully set aside a number of nominees.

iPhone chosen because it managed to make a new breakthrough in the cellular industry. She is viewed as a mobile phone that can deliver a sharp display, and developed with good quality materials. More than that, the iPhone accounted for as a device that is able to create a phenomenal ecosystem for application and its developers.

Meanwhile, for the category of device manufacturer, the World Mobile Congress set the Taiwanese vendors, HTC as the winner of this year. HTC assessed as a company capable of creating new branding with an impressive marketing strategy.

HTC is also considered to be successful in developing a solid portfolio. One product that got a lot of praise is the HTC Desire.

Google Maps developed won awards for applications developed on the platform of his own. The same award is given to Blackberry Messenger.