Monday, February 21, 2011

Uber Social Present to Replace Uber Twitter

Accept the criticism of web users who are not satisfied if the application is abolished. Finally the UberMedia breaking new ground. Does it?

UberSocial named, this application not only be present for users of Blackberry phones, but this application comes to the iPhone and the Desktop.

As was reported earlier, if the application API and Twitter Twidroyd closed by reason code violations, privacy and trademark.

UberMedia CEO, Bill Gross was finally spoke up: "Now has come to replace the closure UberSocial application web application a few days ago. We've contacted the Twitter and find out what they demand. As a result, we have completed several changes to this application, in order to utilized by the user. "

For users of the Blackberry mobile phone, you can download this application in Or for the iPhone mobile phone users, you can download this application in