Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Giant Dog

When I was browsing to other blogs, I found an article which features news about a dog that is super great and after I checked did in fact these dogs entered Guinness book of records for the tallest living dogs, please click here to see the news.

The dog is named Giant George, owner David Nasser from Tucson, US
If there is a portion of your comment that the drawing results of photoshop is actually also not so wrong because the image was created by photographer presented to show how high the Giant George is at the moment The Dog! Fashion.

The Giant George is indeed really Giant ... because of his height reached 43 inches (109 cm) high when standing and reaching 7ft 3inch (221 cm).

ok lets see how bigger the dog:

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Samsung Rumored prepair new phones to rival the iPhone 5

Samsung prepares specific plans for Central cutting product cycle and released its latest high-end mobile phones. Not without reason, a move made by vendors in anticipation of Korea is said to be the main competitor to the iPhone's presence, is estimated to be 5, which will come in September.

According to some sources claim that the site was released, it was reported that Samsung itproportal will have the latest Android phone-which would be released around August or September. The latest Samsung phones as mobile's digadang-gadang plot its presence to rival the iPhone 5.

The phone is also expected to come up with better specs. As 1.4 GHz dual-core Samsung Exynos SoC (has been improved from the previous speed of 1.2 GHz), 1 GB RAM, and will run Android OS v 2.3.4 Gingerbread with Samsung's TouchWiz UI, support the creation of its own.

This latest version of Android Gingerbread will bring the slick features such as Google Talk with support video call, too, of course.

For additional information, the Samsung Galaxy S II is a successful product with the best features expected sederat present in a high-end smartphone, such as NFC-based touch screen and a WVGA with size of 2.7 inches.

The question is whether the mobile phone is interestingly is the Galaxy S II with a new version of the Exynos SoC processor 1.4 GHz, or it could be that this phone is a device that is completely new? For more details, we refer to it later.

MySpace again Reduce The Number Of Employees

The source of the TechCrunch mention that MySpace will decrease again at least 150 people of 400 employees, or approximately 37.5 per cent of total staff they have.

As quoted from TechCrunch, Wednesday (28/6/2011), 150 employees will be placed in the employee transition program, which is where they will be able to work and be paid for a few weeks ahead, while looking for new pekerjaaan.

Earlier in the month of January, MySpace also have cut around 47 percent of the total number of staff. MySpace itself is now being set up the sales process.

Some rumours mention if the sales process will be conducted on MySpace Wednesday 29 June, and will be announced officially on Friday. Some of the names of the buyers who will buy MySpace is rumored to Buzzmedia, LivingSocial, and others.

MySpace currently does have derailed so deeply, even the site's founder, Chris DeWolfe and Tom Andeson, were no longer visit the site of his own,

Even BusinessWeek also says that MySpace is just one example of a case of failure of a large company.
In addition, the camera also comes with the N9 high-resolution IE 8 megapixel camera, so that users can enjoy the photos that are close to a pocket camera in General.

Nokia N9

The presence of Nokia N9 became the main attraction of the visitors of the Nokia Connection in 2011. In addition to being the first MeeGo mobile phone Nokia N9 is indeed very alluring, with full touch screen display and ease of operation a swipe file.

At the exhibition yaang held at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, an opportunity to try out premium from the latest smartphone from Nokia. If you are a touch screen phone, penggila N9 apparently could be a new Idol.

If you see the design at a glance, you would have thought difficult N9 taken. Moreover, its almost perfect squares. But it is convenient to N9 gripped, as it has a gentle slope in the corners. In addition, with a fairly large size, light weight has the N9 (135 grams) so that it will not interfere with user mobility.

Screen 3, 9-inch AMOLED DISPLAY with a layer of 854x480 resolution and create a graphic displaying the N9 is very satisfactory. Moreover, the absence of air gap on its screen make sure each color in the photos or video footage displayed optimally.

In his presentation, Nokia really environmentally sound operation of the N9 is able to make it easier for users with a swipe file. With just one movement of a swipe file users can already access the three main screen is a menu, notifications and updates on social media, as well as an open application that displays all the applications you use. Consequently, you will not be hassle when should receive the phone while the Middle open applications, because it would save a whole application N9 newly accessible.

In addition, the camera also comes with the N9 high-resolution IE 8 megapixel camera, so that users can enjoy the photos that are close to a pocket camera in General.

Nokia provides a choice of three attractive colors to black, N9, i.e. cyan and magenta with storage capacity of 16 GB and 64 GB. The plan, these new phones will be attending the upcoming end of 2011. Alas, Nokia has yet to provide reassurance for your cell phone first MeeGo of price.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

1 of 10 residents of Earth are Facebook users

The number of Facebook users are getting bigger with reached 700 million users. Pales in comparison with the Earth's population to reach 7 billion, Facebook took a share of 10%, so one might say 1 out of 10 inhabitants of the Earth is a Facebooker.

Of course this is a tremendous achievement from the site, launched in 2004. Earlier, might not be thought that if Mark Zuckerberg with roommate and fellow computer science student Eduardo Saverin--Harvard, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes is--will deliver phenomenal sites.

Facebook's own membership is limited to Harvard students initially, then expanded to other colleges in Boston, the Ivy League, and Stanford University. This site is slowly opening up to students at other universities before it opened to students in high school, and eventually to every person who is aged a minimum of 13 years.

According to the data Check Facebook, social networking sites have embraced the 688 million users. While according to Tech Crunch, there were already 700 million more users are hooked.

Here's the top 10 countries of the world's largest contributor of Facebooker Check version Facebook Tuesday (29/6/2011):

United States 150.498.840 (user)
Indonesia 38.518.380
United Kingdom 29.773.820
Turkey 29.284.100
India 28.581.200
Mexico 26.418.280
Philippines 25.018.080
France 22.601.360
Brazil 20.612.680
Italy 19.711.360

5 steps to clean up fake Mac Security Virus

Users of Mac OS malware threat-hosted which claimed to be the antivirus. One should look out for is Mac Security that spreads by leveraging Google's image search results.

Seen a glimpse of the name and appearance, Mac Security is so similar to real antivirus. But alas, a virus by any other name Fakealert Trojan can retrieve 20856. data or credit card information from victims. Pretty harmless right?

The following 5 steps to clean up the false virus in Mac OS:

1. Disconnect the network/internet connection.

2. shut down the process of Mac Security (20856 Fakealert Trojan.)

- Click the Go menu, select Utilities.
- In Utilities, Double click the file Activity Monitor
- On the Activity Monitor, select the process with the name Mac Security then click Quit Process.

3. remove the Mac Security (20856 Fakealert Trojan.)

- Click the Go menu, select Applications.
- In Applications, select MacSecurity.
- Then pull the slide program MacSecurity folder to the Trash.
- Next click the Finder menu, choose Empty Trash.
- When the message appears to delete permanently, click OK.

4. remove login accounts Mac Security (20856 Fakealert Trojan.)

- Click the Apple logo, choose System Preferences.
- In System Preferences, select accounts.
- On the Windows Account, select an account and then select the Login Items tab.
- Next select on Mac Security and then click the button (-).
- Do well against my account-account to another.

5. for optimal cleaning and prevents repeated infections, we recommend that you use an antivirus update and recognize this malware well.

HTC Evo 3D, Android Smartphone Sailed 3 Dimensions

Official HTC Evo smartphone market a 3D, first time in United States. Smartphones based OS Android Gingerbread is capable of displaying 3D content that can be enjoyed without the aid of special glasses.

Evo 3D Android handset on the market since the first 3D before LG's first launch it, namely LG Optimus 3D. The 3D feature is considered to increase the attractiveness of smart phones.

As reported by the Telegraph (28/6/2011), the HTC Evo 3D capable of recording and playing a 3D video. Its screen is pretty wide, measuring 4.3 inch screen resolution with the technology of qHD 540x960.

Double rear camera in this handset, consisting of 5 MP can be used to capture 3D images or videos. While the front camera of 1.3 MP resolution.

From the kitchen side of the runway, the performance of 3D presumably would be speeding Evo thanks to the presence of a dual core processor 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon and 1 GB of RAM. The HTC Sense interface using dipermak, so that it can display 3D animations.

HTC Evo 3D marketed in shared United States operator Sprint for USD 200 with a two-year data contract. Then soon marketed in Europe, the first United Kingdom menyambangi Kingdom. It is unclear whether this handset also will be sold in Asia.

Game of L.A Noire will be Released for the PC

L . A Noire will have the latest variant. After success in a variety of consoles, the game is promised soon to be released for the PC would.

L. A Noire is indeed somewhat quite successfully in the realm of the console. Not only the quality of the graphics are stunning, game system and a unique storyline make this besutan Rockstar Games has always been the fruit of the lips among gamers.

Well, through his website, Rockstar officially announced a new version of l. a. Noire which will be available for the PC at the end of 2011 nantiKarena will be released for the PC then there are some changes in the game, for example, mapping to the keyboard and gamepad controllers, as well as the adjustment of the quality of the graphics to be playable in 3D mode.
L. A Noire, is one form of ambitious project Rockstar that will bring the player as an investigator named Cole Phelps. This Game presents a compelling story with the background scenery in the 1940s.

Enter Online & TV, Microsoft invites Nielsen

Microsoft decided to employ a research institution to make the project Prime Nielsen named ' Television Online Effect '. What is that?

In short, ' Television Online Effect ' is a device to measure TV or internet profile data fusion panel belong to Nielsen. Well, from the results of the data is Microsoft going to classify a new target audience data is measured from TV viewers and internet users.

When Microsoft discovers the identification data of certain consumers, they will help advertisers to disseminate information through the Microsoft ecosystem.

"We can help advertisers gauge the level of timeliness of the consumers who witnessed their campaigns. 'Online Television projects ' Effect this will sweep vertically advertisers, "says Joslyn Moore, from the company Bill Gates on Microsoft's advertising his website blogPada, Microsoft and Nielsen explains there are three advantages for advertisers sat them using the service. Such Data would greatly help the advertiser associated problems Return of Investment (ROI).

Cross Platform:
This measurement can be to see the data consumer habits and online side of television, tang in one device.

The Methodology Is Better:
Methodology of research into better with the accuracy of the data offered Micosoft and Nielsen.

Periodic Report:
Advertisers will get periodic reports about consumer behavior, both online and offline.

Galaxy S II Plus Using Dual Core Processor 1.4 GHz?

Samsung Galaxy S II touted as one of the most powerful Android handset today. However Samsung is presumably not satisfied and rumored to be add to the power of the processors in the series Galaxy S II Plus.

Report from the Pop media Herald claimed S II Plus using dual core processor 1.4 GHz, higher than the current version that relies on processor dual core 1.2 GHz. Can imagine how this handset performance if properly present it later.
As reported by the Cnetspesifikasi Galaxy S II Plus more or less the same thing with the Galaxy S II. So presumably only in the sector increases the processor.

Allegedly, the presence of the Galaxy S Plus is to anticipate the Apple iPhone. iPhone 5 predicted present September upcoming so that the Galaxy S II Plus the possibility of also looking far release.

But those reasons doubtful because with a capital S Galaxy II, specification iPhone 5 most likely still lose. There has been no confirmation of the existence also of the Samsung Galaxy S II Plus.