Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Galaxy S II Plus Using Dual Core Processor 1.4 GHz?

Samsung Galaxy S II touted as one of the most powerful Android handset today. However Samsung is presumably not satisfied and rumored to be add to the power of the processors in the series Galaxy S II Plus.

Report from the Pop media Herald claimed S II Plus using dual core processor 1.4 GHz, higher than the current version that relies on processor dual core 1.2 GHz. Can imagine how this handset performance if properly present it later.
As reported by the Cnetspesifikasi Galaxy S II Plus more or less the same thing with the Galaxy S II. So presumably only in the sector increases the processor.

Allegedly, the presence of the Galaxy S Plus is to anticipate the Apple iPhone. iPhone 5 predicted present September upcoming so that the Galaxy S II Plus the possibility of also looking far release.

But those reasons doubtful because with a capital S Galaxy II, specification iPhone 5 most likely still lose. There has been no confirmation of the existence also of the Samsung Galaxy S II Plus.