Tuesday, June 28, 2011

5 steps to clean up fake Mac Security Virus

Users of Mac OS malware threat-hosted which claimed to be the antivirus. One should look out for is Mac Security that spreads by leveraging Google's image search results.

Seen a glimpse of the name and appearance, Mac Security is so similar to real antivirus. But alas, a virus by any other name Fakealert Trojan can retrieve 20856. data or credit card information from victims. Pretty harmless right?

The following 5 steps to clean up the false virus in Mac OS:

1. Disconnect the network/internet connection.

2. shut down the process of Mac Security (20856 Fakealert Trojan.)

- Click the Go menu, select Utilities.
- In Utilities, Double click the file Activity Monitor
- On the Activity Monitor, select the process with the name Mac Security then click Quit Process.

3. remove the Mac Security (20856 Fakealert Trojan.)

- Click the Go menu, select Applications.
- In Applications, select MacSecurity.
- Then pull the slide program MacSecurity folder to the Trash.
- Next click the Finder menu, choose Empty Trash.
- When the message appears to delete permanently, click OK.

4. remove login accounts Mac Security (20856 Fakealert Trojan.)

- Click the Apple logo, choose System Preferences.
- In System Preferences, select accounts.
- On the Windows Account, select an account and then select the Login Items tab.
- Next select on Mac Security and then click the button (-).
- Do well against my account-account to another.

5. for optimal cleaning and prevents repeated infections, we recommend that you use an antivirus update and recognize this malware well.