Thursday, June 30, 2011

MySpace again Reduce The Number Of Employees

The source of the TechCrunch mention that MySpace will decrease again at least 150 people of 400 employees, or approximately 37.5 per cent of total staff they have.

As quoted from TechCrunch, Wednesday (28/6/2011), 150 employees will be placed in the employee transition program, which is where they will be able to work and be paid for a few weeks ahead, while looking for new pekerjaaan.

Earlier in the month of January, MySpace also have cut around 47 percent of the total number of staff. MySpace itself is now being set up the sales process.

Some rumours mention if the sales process will be conducted on MySpace Wednesday 29 June, and will be announced officially on Friday. Some of the names of the buyers who will buy MySpace is rumored to Buzzmedia, LivingSocial, and others.

MySpace currently does have derailed so deeply, even the site's founder, Chris DeWolfe and Tom Andeson, were no longer visit the site of his own,

Even BusinessWeek also says that MySpace is just one example of a case of failure of a large company.
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