Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Slim Body Secrets of Miranda Kerr

miranda kerr just had a baby but her body back perfect unlike women in General, a Victoria's Secret ' that remains sexy and slim, want to know what the secret is:

Miranda gives birth to a son named Flynn, many are surprised to see the body model such as Australia made a new career comeback.

"I practice yoga more than 10 years and I continue to exercise it after giving birth, the result is good. Body shape could awake after delivery especially when you are breastfeeding, "she recounts to AccessHollywood, Friday (10/6/2011).

Miranda Kerr is indeed very keeping her shape, let alone because as a top model of the world, the wife of actor Orlando Bloom was also frequently danced to guarding it.

Even so, a 28 year old female that had not yet reached the perfect body shape. He also claimed to have some part in his body that still hasn't changed.