Friday, July 8, 2011

15 Things Most hated by Internet Users

 What are the things that are considered annoying by Internet users when browsing a commercial website?
 Check out Taylor Nelson Sofres survey of 2,500 adult Internet users in the United States. More than a third of respondents stated interrupted by pop-up ads, which suddenly appear when they open a site.

 This is the order of things that most hated of Internet users as quoted by eMarketer:

 1. Pop-up ads (34.9%)
 2. Obligations registration or login to view the website (16.7%)
 3. The requirement to install additional software to view web sites (15.7%)
 4. Delays the emergence of web pages (9.1%)
 5. Link dead, can not be accessed (4.7%)
 6. Navigation is confusing (4.1%)
 7. The information is not updated (3.1%)
 8. No contact information, only the web form (2.6%)
 9. Music that automatically reads (2.0%)
 10. Browsers can not be clicked "back" (1.7%)
 11. Search facility that is not effective (1.6%)
 12. Flash animation or excessive (1.5%)
 13. Text moves (0.9%)
 14. Open a new window for the link (0.9%)
 15. Views are ugly (0.3%)

 If a web site unfortunately interfere, then the responses of Internet users is very clear: they will not want to come back, they will cancel the registration. For e-commerce sites that are considered bad, their responses were: 70% of them will not buy online. And unfortunately, the bad image will they carry over to the offline store.