Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Victoria Beckham: Nude Pose While Pregnant?, No...!!!

Hi, this time I want to tell you about the wife of David Beckham, victoria beckham, Yes, the singer who now serves as a designer it is now the middle of the fourth child of her pregnant with Nigerian footballer David Beckham. Victoria very happy, and posed nude while pregnant is an act which is not right for him.

Usually, some of the world celebrities willingly pose nude pregnant Central for a photo shoot for a magazine or personal documentation. However, don't ever expect it to be done Victoria Beckham.
"I'm not including people who likes to pose and show off their pregnancy. There is nothing wrong with that, I'm proud to be a pregnant woman, feel blessed and happy. But I'm not a guy like that, so I'm not going to pose naked, "he said as reported by Showbizspy, Friday (1/7/2011).
"I think people don't need to see that, in addition to my husband," he added.

Victoria is now 37-year-old was predicted would give birth to a baby sister next month. Former personnel of the Spice Girls was feeling his life more fully. Victoria and David Beckham have been blessed with Brooklyn (12), Romeo (8) and Cruz (6