Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tutorial How to make Video Chat on Facebook

In a previous post "Facebook finally Launches Video Chat", I've been telling you that facebook will be launching a feature video chat in this weekend. Here I will tell you how to use the feature.

1. Video chat with a friend

The first step begins the video with a friend, users who have been equipped with a webcam just need to click on the name of the friend that will be taken on a video chat. Next, click the video icon in the toolbar pane on the blue and friends chat video chat can be directly started.

2. Video chat with more than one person's friends
Want more crowded with video chat chat invites a group of friends? Doing just video chat with more than a friend. Click the icon in toolbar gear chat window blue friends who've taken on a video chat. This icon we deliver on the Actions menu. Next, select the ' Add Friends to Chat ' and then type the name of friends who are online, which will be taken on a video chat. If it is, click ' Done '.

3. End a video chat with many friends

Its as easy as starting a conversation. You can close a chat session with more than a friend by clicking the icon back in gear chat window to get into the ' Actions ' Menu. Then, just click the ' Leave Conversation '.

4. Repeating a long conversation

You accidentally close the conversation window? Or you end the conversation a few days ago and wanted to resume it again with the same group of friends? Click on the ' Messages ' or messages on the blue toolbar at the top left of your Facebook page. A chat session will appear in the list of the five most recent chats. Next, click the conversation you want to start over video chat.

If the conversation that you want does not exist in the list of the five most recent chats, to search for it click ' See All Messages ' in the drop down window. Or it could be by clicking on the ' Actions ' and ' Search This Conversation '.

Keep in mind, when it would start a video chat, make sure that the webcam in your device has been running. And when You first started using Facebook video chat, You may be asked to download and install the software required for such services could run perfectly with Your webcam or microphone.