Sunday, November 6, 2011

2012, Wi-Fi Can Access on Aircraft in May

With increasing number of passenger aircraft cross-country flight, United Continental Holdings announced plans to open Wi-Fi access to more than 300 passengers United Airlines and Continental Airlines. Intention is planned to be running by mid 2012.

United Continental Holdings also announced it would cooperate with Panasonic Avionics Corporation to bring Wi-Fi is. Hopefully, by 2015 that will come, they have managed to provide satellite-based Wi-Fi in the entire fleet.

According to officials from related companies, Panasonic's technology-based Ku-band satellite allows higher speed of the connection-to-ground water used by Gogo Inflight Internet service provider. Similarly, as reported by Digitaltrends, Saturday (05/11/2011).

Panasonic system will be installed in the Boeing 747, 757, 767, 777, 787. A similar system is applied to the Airbus 319 and 320. With higher speeds, United and Continental plans to implement video streaming over wireless networks.

Surely passengers will receive a new inflight entertainment options. In addition, there is the possibility that a faster connection allows access to applications such as Netflix or Hulu Plus via tablets, smartphones, or laptop

Rumor: iPad 3 Start Produced, Released March 2012

The rumors about the latest genarasi iPad rolling. Latest news mentioning Apple has started to produce iPad 3, and most likely will dilauncing in March 2012.

This issue alone glide from one source at the factory hardware supplier of the latest genarasi iPad. But unfortunately, the source does not dare to divulge internal picture of the iPad 3's. So that was reported by Digitimes, Friday (11/04/2011).

Internal source that gives a little explanation that the iPad 3 will be thinner than iPad 2, and of course the battery life is much longer than previous tablet version.

Apple is reportedly speeding to produce new iPad before the Chinese New Year fell in January. This means shipping iPad 3 could be done at the end of the year 2011, before finally announced officially.

Being the big question is, this new iPad comes with a size like what? Because staying digadang iPad will be made ​​in the packaging size of 7 inches, with a much cheaper price. Apple saw market opportunities in developing countries, to ordain him as a ruler in the tablet market.

iPad 3 More Small And Powerful

CALIFORNIA - Rumors about the iPad 3 re-emerged. This time the latest generation of iPad is claimed to be using a screen measuring 9.7 inches which is equipped with a display Retina.

iPad 3 which is the latest generation of Apple's tablet indeed reap many rumors before they appear, starting from a lower price, smaller size and timing of its release.

Rumors preceded by DigiTimes report that stated the iPad 3 will enter mass production and soon launched in the near future, precisely in March 2012.

It seems Apple's latest tablet, will only upgrade some features like a battery that is lighter, but with the use of a longer durability. Similarly, as reported by T3, Sunday (06/11/2011).

Although iPad 2 is still dominating the global tablet market, but Apple is thinking to make better products.

iPad 3 will be the CPU uses the A6 and by 9.7-inch screen is equipped premises to support the retina display a much better picture.

From some of the rumors mentioned above, most likely the size of the iPad 3 will be smaller and thinner than the iPad 2 which uses a 10.1-inch screen. In addition, battery life iPad 3 also seems to be much longer.

Will this can affect the selling price of the cheaper iPad 3? Presumably iPad lovers must remain patient until an official announcement about the specifications of Apple appear and answer all these questions.

GTA V Four Times Bigger than GTA IV?

The first trailer for Grand Theft Auto Rockstar V has been raised. Various speculations arose about what the game will be like. Reportedly, the game that could be explored four times bigger than GTA IV.

The news was spread by an employee in the British magazine PlayStation Magazine. He claims to know the meeting between Rockstar with his magazine, which explains some details of GTA V.

It is said that the main town in Los Santos GTA V is that at least 4 times bigger than the Liberty City in GTA IV. The area is surrounded by countryside, beaches and other areas that appear very detailed.

"For example, we see the main character traveling by car from downtown Los Santos towards the wild and it took 15 minutes. Incredible scenery from the farmhouse, the installation of the oil refinery which seemed alive with a hundred workers, the cars, and so forth," he wrote , quoted from Cinema Blend, Saturday (11/05/2011).

"The woods look better and show people are camping, drinking and dancing in the fire, also the people riding a motorcycle jump over the water flow. Effects waters, plants, everything looks beautiful," he claims.

Previously, there was also speculation that the main character in GTA V will consist of 3 champ. One was the figure of a character who supposedly as Tommy Vercetti, the main character on the series of GTA III and Vice City.

Mark Zuckerberg Is Figure No. 9 In The World's Strongest

Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg became one of the strongest figure in the world. In the list of 'The World's Most Powerful People' version of the Forbes, Zuckerberg sits at number 9.

This annual ranking include big names in politics, celebrities, religious leaders, billionaires, and others. And this year, at the age of just turned 27, Zuckerberg has been coupled with other influential figures who had long been poor across their respective fields.

Yes, Zuckerberg became the youngest person on the list. He was also a 'jumping' the highest in the Forbes list. Quoted from ZDNet, Sunday (6/11/2011), he jumped from position 40 in the year 2010. Forbes estimates his net worth had reached USD 17.5 billion.

A number of factors measured by Forbes to get the names such as how many people who are under their authority, financial resources and how active they are using their authority. Of the names collected, U.S. President Barack Obama became juwara in the Forbes list.

Moderate actors other technology that fills the list of 'People in the World' in addition to Zuckerberg is the founder of Microsoft Bill Gates is sitting at number 5. Then there is the Google duo Sergey Brin and Larry Page (30), CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos (40), CEO of Baidu, Robin Li (42) and CEO of Apple, Tim Cook (58).

For Zuckerberg himself, Forbes said, "What the CIA failed to do in 60 years, Zuck has been done in 7 years. Understand what to think, read and listened to by 800 million people. What are they like, where they lived, traveled to shopping, "Forbes said in a statement.

Bank Transfer Day

Bank Transfer Day, Absorb Wall Street and also Bank Transfer Day are not formally affiliated, however the 2 actions haul potency and efficacy through similar sentiments: customers fed up with relying on  banking institutions which they reason make the most of them done loaning practices and costs. Though the push for that bank transfer motion started along with Kristen Christian, a 27-year-old Los Angeles-based entrepreneur, Occupy Wall Street protesters have become some of the most visible supporters of Bank Transfer Day, allowing them to thrust the actual conversation encircling Saturday's deadline. 

Some news reports have people being asked to switch to community banks or credit unions.
Here’s what a few banks have to say:

 • “We’re seeing an increase in account openings of 25 percent year-over-year. It’s incredible,” said Eve Callahan, senior vice president of corporate communications at Umpqua Bank. “We’ve seen a lot of traffic over the past few weeks. People are recognizing that a Wall Street bank is a very different entity than a Main Street bank. That’s something that people understand.”

 • “We understand that people are looking for more from their fianancial institutions,” said Lara Underhill, spokeswoman for Wells Fargo. “If a customer chooses to close an account, we will try to address any of their concerns. We understand that while we can’t control what people do to express their views, what we can do is to continue to provide jobs and services to our customers and our communities.”

 • Steve Maxwell, President of KeyBank’s South Puget Sound District, said, “As bank customers consider whether to move their accounts to a credit union or small community bank, we recommend that they consider how well all their financial needs will be met. KeyBank offers the best of both worlds – financial strength, a local community presence, and a broad range of products and services that smaller banks can’t offer, delivered locally. As for imposing new debit card fees, Key is going in a different direction.”

Andy Rooney passed away

Andy Rooney, whoever bristly brain had been farseeing A anchor associated with CBS News program and also in whose folksy comment along sixty Minutes, provided weekly by the late seventies till 2011, created him a family group name, passed away on Friday in Nyc.
He had been ninety-two as well as resided in Manhattan, though he kept a household holiday range in Rensselaerville, N.Y., and also the foremost home he always purchased, in Rowayton, Conn.

Cbs television studios News program stated inside a command which Mister. Rooney passed away later difficulty next small operation.

"Andy Rooney ever stated he desired to work out prior to the day he passed away, and that he was able to make out, keep the previous few weeks within the hospital," stated his "60 Minutes" fellow, correspondent Steve Kroft.

Andy Rooney won among his 4 Emmy Awards to get a piece along whether there is a true Mrs. Smith that created Mrs. Smith's Pies. Since it ended up, there is no more Mrs. Smith.

Andy Rooney joined tv right after The second world war, committal to writing material regarding entertainers like Arthur Godfrey, Victor Borge, Herb Shriner, Sam Levenson and Garry Moore. Starting in 1962, he'd a 6-yr connection while using Cbs television studios News correspondent Harry Reasoner, that narrated a series of Everyman “essays” written by Mr. Rooney.

Providers is going to be secret, and it is hoped-for CBS News will hold A world memorial later on, Brian Rooney said Saturday.