Sunday, November 6, 2011

GTA V Four Times Bigger than GTA IV?

The first trailer for Grand Theft Auto Rockstar V has been raised. Various speculations arose about what the game will be like. Reportedly, the game that could be explored four times bigger than GTA IV.

The news was spread by an employee in the British magazine PlayStation Magazine. He claims to know the meeting between Rockstar with his magazine, which explains some details of GTA V.

It is said that the main town in Los Santos GTA V is that at least 4 times bigger than the Liberty City in GTA IV. The area is surrounded by countryside, beaches and other areas that appear very detailed.

"For example, we see the main character traveling by car from downtown Los Santos towards the wild and it took 15 minutes. Incredible scenery from the farmhouse, the installation of the oil refinery which seemed alive with a hundred workers, the cars, and so forth," he wrote , quoted from Cinema Blend, Saturday (11/05/2011).

"The woods look better and show people are camping, drinking and dancing in the fire, also the people riding a motorcycle jump over the water flow. Effects waters, plants, everything looks beautiful," he claims.

Previously, there was also speculation that the main character in GTA V will consist of 3 champ. One was the figure of a character who supposedly as Tommy Vercetti, the main character on the series of GTA III and Vice City.