Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hybrid Gamepad for PlayStation From Sony

Many gamer enthusiasts are familiar with the gamepad  definitely belongs Playstation console. Gamepad that has existed since the first series of the Playstation's presence has become distinctive characteristics for the console made ​​by Sony.

Unfortunately the Playstation controller that has implemented the motion sensor, the Playstation Move, popularity did not feel it. Perhaps because of the many gamers who prefer a gamepad with conventional models.

Seeing this, Sony has recently published a breakthrough in the world of gamepad. Called breakthrough for Sony combines two types of controllers in one hand.

Hybrid controller called 'Hybrid Separable Motion Controller' it will be shaped similar to a typical gamepad Playstation. But at the top of the gamepad there are two orb (orb) as on the Playstation Move.

Uniquely, the gamepad will be split into two. If separated, it will function like the Playstation Move motion sensor controller that currently exist.

Quoted from Megagames, Sunday (09.12.12), the hybrid controller has registered patents by Sony since the month of May 2011 it will also be equipped with a magnetometer, accelerometer, gyroscope, vibration motors and speakers in it.