Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Generation Communicator Nokia E7

generation of mobile phones intended for professionals who are ever present in the market. However, Nokia did not issue a long time the latest version of Communicator. However, it does not mean Nokia Communicator abandoned. The biggest mobile phone manufacturer from Finland are going to issue a brand-new generation of Communicator, the Nokia E7.

Like its predecessor, the phone is equipped with a QWERTY keypad and the screen can be folded so that is shaped like a mini notebook when it is laid on the table. What is different, this time the screen is only one and no small screen, but as wide as 4 inches and also a touch screen that is multitouch. At first glance looks similar to the Nokia N8, ^ 3 first Symbian Nokia, but with slightly larger size.

There are three main advantages offered by this latest version of Communicator. First, the designs are stylish. Meanwhile, the form factor, measuring 4-inch screen is big enough and makes the user free to move. The phone is even equipped with technology to prevent glare when used under exposure to sunlight.

Secondly, Nokia E7 may be a device working on the streets. Some applications have been installed in it to support jobs, such as Quickooffice to read and edit documents directly. Applications F-Secure prevent data theft if at any time the phone is stolen. Users just send SMS to mobile number in it and the system will automatically lock access to the phone. If the thief change your SIM card, the phone is automatically locked so that data therein can not be accessed. Features USB on the go easier for users when it comes to accessing or transferring information from the flash to the phone.

The third is the entertainment excellence. Nokia E7 is bundled with Nokia OVI as you please so that users are free to download songs over the year to 4 million titles that are now available and still counting. With a capacity of 8-megapixel camera can record 720p HD video and HDMI equipped slot. Maps and navigation applications also are available, including voice command-based navigation and according to user needs, such as whether walking or driving.