Sunday, July 24, 2011

How To Make Sitemap For Blogspot

To create a table of contents or a Wordpress blog called sitemap is easy because the available plugins for sitemap or table of contents that lists all the posts. But how to create a sitemap for blogspot or blogger? It's easily as well as making a list of the contents of the wordpress blog.

This method is guaranteed to be more practical because you only need to make an article or page can also paste a script and be a page that lists all your posts from blogspot blogs.

Unlike making related post for blogspot, how to create a list of the contents of this blog does not need to edit the template. Want to know how?. Immediately, I create a sitemap for blogspot or blogger:

1. Log in to Blogger dashboard.

2. Create a new post or page titled eg: Sitemap or Table of Contents.

3. Insert this script in the writing of the Edit HTML mode:

<script style="" src=""></script> <script src=""></script>

4. Customize with your blog name.

5. Change date and month backwards (when you create your blog), So that the article did not appear on the homepage.

7. Then click "Publish Post" to publish the article.  
8. After that see a new article or page that you created. For demo please see this blog table of content.

If any question just let me know...