Monday, February 21, 2011

business on twitter

1. Sponsoredtweet

This program pays us per tweet that we do, saratnya age our twitter account at least 2 months, we are at least 50 followers, twitter updates at least 100, and PO of at least $ 50. Here we determine for themselves how much $ $ $ per tweet, and keyword. both are crucial.

2. twtmob

same as sponsoredtweet, pay per tweet, condition, minimal follower 50 and $ 50 minimum PO


program pay per tweet, same as above, there is no specific requirement in, they have their own analysis programs, which assess how you get a decent twitter advertising.

4. be-a-magpie

pay per lead, pay per sale, pay per click, and pay per view, this gracious twitter. This program has strict rules, may not use autotweet or use feeds. PO least $ 50.

5. yakburst

new program was CPM basis and combine it with the CPC

6. tweetroi

I think the same as sponsored tweet

7. assetize

shape his program I do not know. I know this program slogan "leave your twitter account (mean parking)"
we can park unlimited twitter account.

8. 140target

pay per click twitter advertize, such revtwt