Thursday, February 24, 2011

Super-Cool Gadgets in 2011

1. PC Tablet | BlackBerry® PlayBook:

here we go! This Tablet PC blackberries are rumors going on out in February! heavy compete with Apple iPad! | see more features:

2. PC Tablet | Apple's iPad 2

This is it! Apple's iPad 2! i heard it will release together with BlackBerry Playbook... Rock On! it will vie tight'.

3. iPhone 5 PRO

this one made by Apple as well, yeah...!!! it's iPhone 5!, This gadget is still continues to be high-class ..., please read more:

4.  Sony Erricson PSP Phone

this one is for the gamers addict ! but not just for gamers only ... but for you who like sms's or phonecall with handpone also very suitable, or may have to have this gadget! Sony Playstation, Sony Playstation Portable and Sony Ericsson collaborate for making this super gadget! just imagine, with this gatget can play games, can sms / call, can be photographs, can hear a song, essentially advanced, please readmore :

5. Chrome OS Laptop

last! Chrome OS Laptop. Cr-48-First is the first laptop released by Google that uses OS Chrome. I certainly do not know its features Chrome the OS of this laptop ... but clearly it's going to boom in the laptop.