Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Now Facebook can be infected with Malware

There is no doubt that Facebook now has become a source of malware infections among social networking websites other.

Despite many requests for facebook to give more attention to security aspects in its site, but until now update that can be enjoyed only limited viewer to view the image only. While the user is still under the shadow of the threat of malware, phishing, and other cyber threat.

Recently ThreatSense, anti-threat system which is planted in all the products ESET Antivirus successfully identified two of malware that spreads through the media of social networking and Instant Messages are Win32/Yimfoca, AA and Win32/Fbphotofake, Win32/Yimfoca.

Malware AA itself has a few weeks later perched on the top 10 listed the ThreatSense detection. With a dispersion pattern that is still the European region countries such as Austria, Italy, Czechs Republic, Croatia, and Slovakia. If the facebook users are not aware of it, it is not possible malware in the form of the worm will jump to other areas in the world.

Win32/Yimfoca.AA is a worm that spreads to other computers using instant messaging programs as access entry. The worm is able to send a copy of himself, masquerading as a link that connects to the codec required to watch videotapes. The pattern of its spread through the site Instant Messenger such as YM and MSN / Live Messenger, and Facebook.

While Fbphotofake is a worm that spreads social networking-as well as spreading malware
other-through spam messages on Facebook. Polesensky also added: "Yimfoca will act as a backdoor that can be controlled remotely and can be spread through Instant Messenger (IM) software such as Skype, MSN or Yahoo Messenger."

In addition, Yimfoca also can download and activate other malware, such as fake antivirus software that can spread online and able to change security settings or turn off the firewall in Windows.