Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Enter Online & TV, Microsoft invites Nielsen

Microsoft decided to employ a research institution to make the project Prime Nielsen named ' Television Online Effect '. What is that?

In short, ' Television Online Effect ' is a device to measure TV or internet profile data fusion panel belong to Nielsen. Well, from the results of the data is Microsoft going to classify a new target audience data is measured from TV viewers and internet users.

When Microsoft discovers the identification data of certain consumers, they will help advertisers to disseminate information through the Microsoft ecosystem.

"We can help advertisers gauge the level of timeliness of the consumers who witnessed their campaigns. 'Online Television projects ' Effect this will sweep vertically advertisers, "says Joslyn Moore, from the company Bill Gates on Microsoft's advertising his website blogPada, Microsoft and Nielsen explains there are three advantages for advertisers sat them using the service. Such Data would greatly help the advertiser associated problems Return of Investment (ROI).

Cross Platform:
This measurement can be to see the data consumer habits and online side of television, tang in one device.

The Methodology Is Better:
Methodology of research into better with the accuracy of the data offered Micosoft and Nielsen.

Periodic Report:
Advertisers will get periodic reports about consumer behavior, both online and offline.