Thursday, November 17, 2011

FBI arrestedhe World's Biggest Cybercrime Gang

FBI and security firm Trend Micro succeed in arresting gangs of cyber criminals who have been infected 4 million computers in 100 countries. Inevitably, this group is touted as the world's largest cybercrime gang.

In that ambush action, arrested six people from Estonia. This lot itself is known to have committed cyber crimes since 2007 with malware spreading type DNSChanger.

The operation itself is successful after investigation and search for two years and brought the password operation 'Ghost Click'.

The investigation revealed that the Estonian cyber crime group has been hurt not only individual, private, government, but also to institutions such as NASA, and several other big companies whose names do not want mentioned.

Trend Micro explains, malware that spread offender is directed to enter into their trap link, of course, with the purpose of getting money. Entirely controlled by 100 computer controllers that exist in Russia in the guise of a company called 'Rove Digital' and 'Esthost'.

The gang is also predicted to have earned around EUR 14 million of digital crime, as well as making it as the biggest botnet in history.

"Basic engineering attack is conducted every computer that is exposed to a number DNS will be changed in accordance with the wishes of the maker," said Trend Micro, in his statement on Thursday (11/16/2011).

"The FBI was investigating what is being done DNSChanger, in addition to moving the website address, they also offer fake antivirus, to fool with vulgar pop ups in order to earn money," he concluded.