Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Malware on Mac OS X

Recently discovered a new type of Trojan that attacks Mac OS X platform One of them is interesting, threat targeting the Macintosh computer and appears as a Mandarin-language PDF files.

In addition, there are also malware to infiltrate through the Adobe Flash installer false. If the Trojan is detected as a form of a PDF file OSX / Revir.A and OSX / Imuler.A, this Trojan identified as OSX / Flashback.

To reduce the risk of threat, however, here are some recommended ways to researchers at the Lab ESET Malware Intelligence.

1. Never open attachments or e-mail attachment that you do not want to accept it, unless it has been no confirmation first. Make sure that you only receive emails with attachments that have been confirmed by the sender. This might be a bit complicated, but think about the implications for your security.

2. When downloading files online, do not believe it to sites that have no reputation. Moreover, no authority as an outlet to distribute content.

3. Run the antivirus program / ​​antivirus software to the Internet on all devices that can be connected to the Internet. For example ESET Cybersecurity for Mac that successfully detected the Trojan and identify it as OSX / Revir.A and OSX / Imuler.A.

4. In the case of OSX malware / malware Flashback.A although it's not a big threat, but to the users need to be reminded again to carry out preventive measures. Namely download Adobe Flash and Acrobat software only from the Adobe.com site, turn off the Safari settings so as not to open a new file is downloaded automatically and the latter, run an antivirus program or antivirus software for the internet in realtime and always updated.