Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween festival in Disney Land

Halloween is one of the popular festival in many countries. Halloween Festival which is celebrated in late October every year is often used as a potential tourism by many countries.

Disney Land also celebrated it, a large playground with the famous Mickey Mouse character was too brisk Halloween. Not just change the theme park playground into horror theme, this year Disney tried an experiment other land than others.

As quoted from the BBC, Friday (28/10/2011), Parties to Disney Land asked David Bowman, a farmer from Lincolnshire to make a pumpkin with a Mickey Mouse head shape.

Bowman, which is the largest pumpkin producer in Europe was admitted challenged by this unusual request, this article is the first time he was asked to 'create' a pumpkin with a unique shape.

The shape of Mickey Mouse was created by using a special mold at the beginning of the growth cycle of a pumpkin. Penaman Starting from May, Bowman admitted had trouble due to bad summer climate.

But ultimately, this October has been flasks can be harvested, and a special Halloween decorations in the Garden of play Disney Land Paris.