Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Android Download Application Defeat iPhone

Android operating system went on to become the most popular software platforms in terms of downloading an application. He proved to subdue IOS, OS made ​​by Apple Inc..

Google's platform is annexed cake output by 44% of all downloaded applications in the second quarter of this. Apple itself is under Android to grab 31% market share, according to ABI Research, as quoted from Bloomberg, Tuesday (25/10/2011).

"The key to Android's success lies in its open source strategy," said Lim Shiyang, one of the researchers. With the 'openness' of this, Google enables any mobile phone makers to use it for free and focuses on designing hardware rather than software.

Increased shipments of Android devices also played a part. In the second quarter of 2011, shipments of the iPhone shows a decrease from 15% to 9%. On the other hand, Android shipments reached 36% in the second quarter, an increase from the first quarter that is 20%.

Support the vendors helped popularize Android. Samsung Electronics Co., for example, has now become one with the ultimate Android smartphone maker. Not only that, Android is also capable of assisting the recovery of Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc..