Thursday, March 3, 2011

Australia Reject Mortal Kombat

Rating agencies in Australia have made a decision about the fight game Mortal Kombat new version. The result? Game was refused admission to the State of "Kangaroo".

Institutions named Classification Board, which determines the rating on Australia, set the game Mortal Kombat with RC status alias Classification refused.

The Australian Government is also expected to hamper efforts to purchase the game with the status of the RC via the Internet.

Warner Bros, the game's publisher, still have the option to appeal to the Classification Review Board. Another option is to modify the game to suit the Australian market.

The reason the Australian government rejected Mortal Kombat:

     * Some scenes, such as cutting of body parts, beheadings to tear the stomach.
     * Display game is very detailed and realistic
     * The number of corpses or victims of homicide