Thursday, March 3, 2011

iPad 2 Install Dual Core Processor, A5 Chip

iPad 2, Apple's new tablet is installing a new processor, 1 GHz dual-core processor chip A5. Just like its predecessor, A4, Apple's processor has low power consumption. However, this A5 processor makes the performance of the CPU two times faster than the A4. A4 Processors previously paired on IPAD products and the iPhone 4. The above information submitted when Steve Jobs gave a presentation on Apple's latest tablet, iPad 2 in San Francisco United States, on Wednesday last 02/03/11.

In addition to two times faster, A5 processor also pushing the graphics capability iPad 2 to nine times faster than the first generation iPad. With features iPad 2 which require high ability in terms of graphics, processor performance is required over again while still maintaining low power consumption.

Steve Jobs said IPAD 2 while maintaining low power consumption as in the first generation iPad. Battery power iPad 2, which uses a rechargeable lithium polymer type helpless 25 watts, still maintained 10 hours despite the iPad 2 added several new features such as two cameras, front and rear, for video conferencing using FaceTime applications.

The ability of the processor and battery life mentioned above allows the user iPad 2 perform a series of activities to watch movies, surf the internet, play, opens in a multitasking application, with more smoothly.