Thursday, March 3, 2011

1500 Gamers queued for Nintendo 3DS

Sales of Nintendo's premiere in Japan successfully reap 3DS public curiosity. Those that queue is no longer the hundreds, but it reportedly has more than a thousand people.

Attendance was so highly anticipated Nintendo 3DS. Because this is the first video game console equipped with a screen three-dimensional (3D) that can be enjoyed by gamers without having to use glasses.

In a shop selling Nintendo 3DS, located in Akihabara, Japan, is said to already flooded with potential customers since Friday night. They are willing to stay in front of the store until the court of the road in order to become one of the first users of the Nintendo 3DS in the world.

"Quality is presented very dramatically increased. The screen is so good. Nintendo DS 3DS so different from the usual," added the 19-year student who participated in the pre-sale demo of this console when it last month.

In Japan, Nintendo 3DS priced at 25,000 yen or about $ 305. Well, after the State Sakura, this console gaming market will then be visited Europe and the United States in March 2011.