Monday, September 12, 2011

Mysterious BlackBerry

All this time The BlackBerry Design does not seem much different from one another. Little furor arose with the emergence of a BlackBerry handset with a form quite radical when compared to BlackBerry phones that have been circulating.

That said, this handset is a luxury version of the BlackBerry that will be launched by Research in Motion (RIM). Some of the pictures displayed by a website based in China.

Some differences appear in the BlackBerry mysterious. From the qwerty keyboard, and menu buttons are keluruhan designs seem to follow the design pattern during this BlackBerry.

There has been no confirmation from RIM on the existence of the mysterious handset. Currently, fans are curious about the new BlackBerry can merely look at pictures of appearance, such as the following:

BlackBerry mysterious is reportedly using the BlackBerry operating system OS 7

 BlackBerry keyboard design is different from other series that have been circulating

 It seems that RIM is trying to refresh design of BlackBerry with this handset

 Here's it appearance from behind

 The body is quite thin