Thursday, September 15, 2011

The resignation of Jobs Not Affect the Sales of Apple's

The resignation from the post of CEO Steve Jobs will be assessed on the popularity of Apple's influence. But apparently it did not happen, because the demand remains high in the Apple gadget.

ChangeWave survey conducted revealed that only 4% of 2297 respondents was reduced interest in buying the product Apple after Jobs retired. While 89% of respondents indicated not affected by the change of leadership at Apple.

Apple's CEO is currently held by Tim Cook. Cook himself deemed worthy enough to lead Apple, though probably not for Steve Jobs's charisma.

ChangeWave also performed a survey on corporate demand for the tablet on the market. They surveyed 1618 of the corporate buyers on 10 to 28 August. This study shows iPad tablet is still the most favorite.

Quoted from AppleInsider, Thursday (15/09/2011), 80% of companies planning to buy a tablet stating they chose the iPad. Others choose between tablets made by Hewlett Packard, Samsung, Dell, Motorola and Research In Motion (RIM).

Apple alone sold more than 9 million units this iPad until July 2011. They stay away from the pursuit of Android-based tablets that taste the market share of around 26.8%.