Monday, March 7, 2011

Angry Birds will enter Facebook

Angry Birds continue to expand into various platforms. Once present in the console and PC games, the most famous games in the Android market is also ready to present on Facebook.

Angry Birds are regarded one of the most successful mobile game. thats right, In just the game's Android phone has already been downloaded 30 million times, not to mention added on another platform that is said to reach a total of 75 million times the download.

Seeing so many fans as the developer Rovio Angry Birds tingal not silent, they try to continue to develop the game to various platforms, including on Facebook. And supposedly Angry Birds this version different from the other.

"Angry Birds at up not only cross-platform, but also has a feature that does not exist in other versions, such as the pig who has a role more," said Mikael Hed, the number one in Rovio.