Sunday, March 13, 2011

Facebook alternative Communications in Japan

Disruption of communication access via telephone in Japan made ​​it difficult finding information about family or friends in areas hit by disaster. There wits, residents there use up to stay connected.

As performed Duane Cavalier man from Detroit with the original Japanese wife, Maho Cavalier. They could finally find each other their respective news via Facebook.

Reported Windorstar and quoted on Sunday (03/13/2011), when an earthquake happens, Maho was in Tokyo while her husband Cavalier in Saitama, a region outside the capital of Japan.

Mentioned Maho, a large earthquake is indeed not to make Tokyo badly damaged. But all the facilities and infrastructure automatically die. Cell phone can not be used to communicate, as well as the office phone. Luckily, the Internet is still active and he also access up through his iPhone.

"When checking up Cavalier, apparently he did the same thing. My husband lived in Saitama all night," he said.

He mentioned, up to be the only way to communicate between them both and many other Japanese citizens who do the same. Besides Facebook, many are utilizing Twitter.

"It's the only way, then we continue to use it," he said.