Friday, September 9, 2011

Apple Prepare iPod Touch 3G?

Apple iPod Touch reportedly devised a technology that will support 3G connectivity radio. Apple's music player devices equipped with 3G-related touted Apple's new service, iCloud.

According to speculation, Apple wants all its IOS-based devices always have data connectivity wherever they may be aliases do not rely solely on Wi-Fi internet access.

The new iPod Touch is also rumored to be introduced as early as this September coincided with the introduction of the latest generation iPhone ‭.

Rumor itself is said to come from those sources who declined to be named within. Outside the availability of 3G, the latest iPod still has similarities with the previous model, will be presenting not only data but voice features although many users expect to use VoIP service in their devices.

Rumors availability of 3G are indeed not new, but so far Apple only put Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth in the music player device, as quoted from AppleInsider, Thursday (08/09/2011).